• Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    The Self Aware 4th Wall Hero

  • TheCosmicBalance

    Not gonna lie, a part of my soul panicked when I heard the elder scrolls sound..

  • ZyXe Falc0n
    ZyXe Falc0n

    the waiter was not surprised about how fast he jugged all them waters, he was surprised on how much Caleb had to pay for them

  • Dad on the internet
    Dad on the internet

    Man i thaught my spotify randomly started when the song came on.

  • Lord Aragon
    Lord Aragon

    Fall damage calculation is infinity plus 100% of your max hp

  • Yas

    What happened to this guy

  • RenzToh

    Him: scared Character this whole time: 😐

  • Thunder Legion
    Thunder Legion

    I wonder how he got in his room after the video

  • The names Sleepy
    The names Sleepy

    “Can I have my card back” “what” 😭

  • TheCosmicBalance

    AND you can fly now...UNlimited money.. 💀

  • Shevy

    Bro lasik scary af 😂

  • Darkest Jaguar
    Darkest Jaguar

    "Your new password....can't be the same as your last..stupid."

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    When You from a Certain Time and Place Does thing that the New You Doesn't Remember but yet They Do because they put the clues together of what you did or at least what they think you did but think they did it

  • NEKO#ΦωΦ

    2:45 yo this theme is in One Piece lmao

  • NEKO#ΦωΦ

    2:45 yo this theme is in One Piece lmao

  • Hetzerogeneous

    After healing: “I’m alive again. Let’s go!” 1 second later: *one shotted by a sniper headshot*

  • Masashikun

    death note:

  • ChunkyWaffled

    The ''You stabbed me today, but I stabbed you yesterday.'' made me piss myself laughing.

  • Pita the Chip
    Pita the Chip

    The worst is when the stuff doesn't belong to you 😂

  • Bill Kalvon
    Bill Kalvon

    Caleb: Oh my godd, noo... Pizza Guy: Yeah, yeah, that's what I thought ! Caleb: Huhu... actually, I know your address Yesterday! Pizza guy: Whatt? Caleb: Yeah, and, your grandma? Gone. Pizza Guy: NoooO!! What did you do? Caleb: Yeah, your cat? sold it for this pizza. Pizza Guy: ... You did what?

  • Ling Xiaoyu
    Ling Xiaoyu

    WTF in 3 days i m gonna first time ever work night shift and youtube is recommending me THIS?!?! There is NO WAY this is coincidence SVsoft IS WATCHING US

  • ShellZ613

    "checkmate, get up Jacob we jumppin em" LMAO

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    There's Always A Patrick

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    The Self Aware 4th Wall Hero is havin a Moment

  • Random Toxic
    Random Toxic

    whats the first song lol

  • TylerMods


  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    Sooo The Self Aware 4th Wall Hero

  • Sirius A
    Sirius A

    Carnivorous plants don't chew their pray, they trap and cover them in digestive juices.

  • Sirius A
    Sirius A

    He could have bought fake gold coins.


    Are you sure he's a villain? HE FED THE CAT!

  • Isaac Stevenson
    Isaac Stevenson

    The day Caleb collabs with Gus Johnson, my universe will collapse

  • A Seiso HoloSimp [The Last Grey Apostle]
    A Seiso HoloSimp [The Last Grey Apostle]

    The bass do be fire tho

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr

    I remember reading a story where a duel like that happened. One guy missed, the other one misfired and hurt himself and they both went home like "Yeah, we're done" xD Thank you for reminding me of that

  • marioisbruhh

    if i got money for every time i died when my battery was at 0.1 percent i would be rich

  • Remains Unknown
    Remains Unknown

    Ok, so... Black hat and red hat are siblings who are married. The kid red hat's been raising was black hat's(which kinda makes sense. And black hat is married to his cousin who red hat banged. I tried, ok?

  • Solomon Cyress
    Solomon Cyress

    why did he hit the baby twice, by the first one he stopped crying

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    4th Wall Self Aware

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    Be Feelin like Videogame Combos

  • Banister Clemens
    Banister Clemens


  • Lego clone trooper
    Lego clone trooper

    The magic of editing

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    Thiz Hero is The Self Aware 4th Wall Hero.

  • Reaxx Hmflew
    Reaxx Hmflew

    The conversation just went left 😂😂😂😂

  • Apollyon

    Pikachu number one

  • yueshijoorya

    All the cashiers are so aggressive in Caleb world.

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    That 4th Wall Break Where You Let Us Know that There's bouta be One more Deadbody in Za Worldo

  • Francesco Ippolito
    Francesco Ippolito

    Is not a city just full of calbes anymore I guess

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    HxH Reference...

  • the lil uzi doggo king
    the lil uzi doggo king

    the third nigga with a samurai sword deadass got folded by a paper towel im gone XD

  • TrueDiamant 777
    TrueDiamant 777

    "Punch your grandma" Imagine having somebody so angry at you his only will is to end your race from the source

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    The Self aware 4th Wall Breaking Hero

  • Zenitsu

    Caleb: AAAAAAOOOHHHAOAAAAOOHHHHAAOOHHAHAAHOOAOAO Me: damn look at that akatski drip.

  • Marshmello fornite
    Marshmello fornite

    So you must’ve that local rapper

  • Kimell Debnam JR
    Kimell Debnam JR

    it was the BWAAAAAAAAA that got me

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    Ultraman Omni-Man, Homelander: We have a New Prospect...

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    Now if Only we had This Person at DC and Marvel

  • Daniel Liston
    Daniel Liston

    I can see this happening IRL, and the idea infuriates me.

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    Thiz is Exactly Why Once Piece or any Other Anime with Swords would Own us

  • π

    the blast of the pee was so strong it made an explosion

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    He went Anime Villain Real Fast

  • just a Random YouTube kid
    just a Random YouTube kid

    That last part reminded me of when I used to be getting beat nah move your hand Great memories no actually those memories were terrible

  • unspeakeble secret
    unspeakeble secret

    Caleb: *breathes* The game: the air wasn’t humid enough

  • Asseater

    Donkey Kong be like

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    Thiz is Me. But as a AntiHero. Especially that "Elbowed your Elbow"


    Any one noticed how his mic peace wasn't down

  • Savinroo Sooriyage
    Savinroo Sooriyage


  • Isaac Enkelmann-Bekkers
    Isaac Enkelmann-Bekkers

    At first I thought the title meant he was literally choking on fire

  • zero l
    zero l

    Hey I’m here for the interview

  • Mebymyself0

    Me legit going in on 1hp

  • kyree standifer
    kyree standifer

    Came back when Vegeta got a new form

  • Ryan Rushdy
    Ryan Rushdy

  • Mr nobody!
    Mr nobody!

    Jordan where you at......

  • Isaac Enkelmann-Bekkers
    Isaac Enkelmann-Bekkers

    When the cops finally catch him but then he shows them this song and they let him go because it's to good


    The way he slid across the floor lmao 🤣

  • Carter Gucci
    Carter Gucci

    Who sleeps with glasses on

  • Zen Li
    Zen Li

    Manual Samuel