Literally ANYTHING that comes with assembly instructions.
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  • RealEfrain

    My guy’s body odor was so bad steam was coming out

  • 6AM Amisery
    6AM Amisery

    The first I built a Gundam Model Kit:

  • TheShadow IzCool
    TheShadow IzCool

    Everybody gangsta until the instructions on chinese

  • Wali Adeeb
    Wali Adeeb

    Someone from y'all better convince me that these skits aren't some type of lovecraftian, existential, eldritch horror type shit cuz I might just have to write a damn essay bruh...

  • Portable Frog
    Portable Frog

    2:50: Non believers shall learn the power that is old spice

  • Dogdillon

    Old Spice really just gave caleb spirit forms

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James

    Broo No Cap why do people do it like that? Forreal!? Bruh it goes vertically not sideways... you only get the outside of the arm doing it that way. XD

  • Raghav Rao
    Raghav Rao

    POV: Building a chair but you're having a stroke

  • Idiotica Maskimus
    Idiotica Maskimus

    Old Spice is unarguably the most broken powerups in gaming and real life history.

  • InnerCityX

    Homies doing commercials now 😭 makes me so happy to see

  • Comma Man
    Comma Man

    Damn Old Spice looks pretty good might buy it later

  • TriLL KinG Sportz
    TriLL KinG Sportz

    Man that's a bird!! Lmao


    The ending was the greatest advert I’ve ever seen

  • Salreel

    Super human interview 3

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell

    LEGO instructions should legally be required to be the standard for assembly instructions.

  • Kade Messer
    Kade Messer

    so true lol

  • Jake Spiegler
    Jake Spiegler

    Yoo congrats on that old spice sponsorship!!!!!

  • TragerM

    To be honest, this is just how IKEA laughs their ass off at you, barely putting anything on paper, expecting you to make the logical conclusion jumps, with no help from them... (I've never bought anything from them, but this is what I hear ALLLL the time, regarding that company)

  • Cindy Nguyen
    Cindy Nguyen

    So this is the 2nd part on the old spice ad but a skit

  • TNovix

    It's the not the chair you bought but it's the music sheet holder you'll be using.

  • Faithful Imani
    Faithful Imani

    Lookin like my test 😂

  • Jhaviair Jamison
    Jhaviair Jamison

    The my bad when people aren’t even around is so true 😂

  • Nonkolas

    How do most youtubers get sponsored by mobile games and vpns and caleb gets sponsored by old spice

  • Drei Drei
    Drei Drei

    Jesus Loves all of you guys

  • Leviathan


  • zombeef 21
    zombeef 21

    hey the commercial worked i now have old spice on my desk

  • noveled

    1:28 the most subtle twitch plug i've seen ever

  • DeadPixel

    Actual best old spice ad out there

  • Allistar

    Kids these days dont kno how to put together ikea stuff smhh. Back in the day they used to get hit with a belt while they assembled stuff

  • Razor9

    So according to this Old Spice should give me not just one but 3 「Stands」

  • TheMorningDropOut

    1:26 “Understand the” BRUH WHY’S THAT SO FUNNY.

  • Nick_Laze

    Basically the backrooms

  • Heckrum

    when old spice: *Looks like you're going to the shadow realm, Jimbo.*

  • Waffles



    Old spice:🤣😂

  • A average Joe
    A average Joe

    1:48 that’s a painting holder..

  • Tree Doinken
    Tree Doinken

    Jokes on you I'm already in the deodorant section

  • Cart

    Understand the-

  • I.P.A.C

    2:52 that sounded like it hurt my dude

  • Ernesto Muniz
    Ernesto Muniz

    leave it to Caleb to get me to watch an ad XD

  • Daily Dose of Disappointment
    Daily Dose of Disappointment

    I love when the instructions have a single step on each page.

  • BluWasTaken_

    The Acting is insane 🤣

  • Dwayne wisdom
    Dwayne wisdom

    Corona brah

  • Flop

    when Caleb gets sponsored by old spice you know it’s gonna be good


    *PLOT TWIST* Caleb actually know's how to put the chair together

  • Some Games
    Some Games

    The birds are robots controlled by the cabal to surveille us. Killing them by the millions with “cloud seeding” chem trails and replacing them. Notice how they charge on power-lines and dont crash into windows nearly as often as when we were kids. 🐒

  • Caleb Gabriel
    Caleb Gabriel

    Fake, I didn't see any IKEA

  • Yakamura Chen Abacar
    Yakamura Chen Abacar

    Literally what I feel about my new Lego set

  • جيش الغاضبين
    جيش الغاضبين

    The best ad you can ever see... Didn't expect an ad though😂😂

  • XDiggy

    If you truly believe that Jesus is God, that Jesus died on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead three days later, acknowledge and repent of all your sins to God (but don’t just say I wanna change my sinful ways and then do nothing about it, that’s called playing the hypocrite), and trust and love God with everything you got, as your number One! Then God will save you from hell and give you the gift of eternal life with Him! And make sure to continuously live for and love God for your entire life! God DOES NOT hate you,GOD LOVES YOU and wants to SAVE YOU!!! And don’t wait to accept God either because you can die tomorrow, tonight in your sleep, or even in the next hour! And once you died and you haven’t been living for God, it’ll be too late. God loves you and He is always waiting for you to come to Him!!!!!!!

  • Nicholas Lynch
    Nicholas Lynch

    Lmfao me af

  • michaelflash123's stuff
    michaelflash123's stuff

    He's the new old spice guy

  • ReFlexx.

    My man said sorry to hiself for going to the wrong page😂

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes

    You would think the guide for building something together would help you out, but I feel like it just complicates things a lot more, especially because of how vague some descriptions are for when you put things together.

  • Sean

    One word …. IKEA

  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic

    Ok, that Old Spice segment was dope. Need a commercial written? Hire this guy.

  • Stealthy A
    Stealthy A

    Idk what he was havng trouble with, i mean its pretty ez to understand the instructions.

  • Lethuxolo Buthelezi
    Lethuxolo Buthelezi

    Step 4 : Reach Inside. Lol

  • Arzog Sama
    Arzog Sama

    i knew it was an ad from the beginning yet i still watched the whole thing xD not disappointed.


    Better than any opdmspicer commercial I've seen

  • AwesomeGaming7

    He already had superspeed he just got UI from the old spice

  • AwesomeGaming7

    Best old spice ad ever 💯🔥🤣🤣

  • Tristan Hymiller
    Tristan Hymiller

    Dude I'd literally buy consumer goods if their commercials were this entertaining

  • SinsOfOrigin

    This was me installing my roof rack

  • Hydro

    I can already see this being put up on SVsoft's ad

  • C0rruqt

    I die whenever I watch your videos

  • NateGBK & YungDash Music
    NateGBK & YungDash Music

    I’m a 16 yr old rapper from TX and I got a song called red forces on my page please give me a chance and listen and give me opinions thank you 🙌🔥

  • R3dzone WR
    R3dzone WR

    you better then the guy saying i just want to have a body wash. lol

  • JEFF21Gaming

    Why can’t they use this commercial as the main commercial

  • Agni Das
    Agni Das

    You're one of the few people who even uses that "includes paid promotion" thing anymore. Honest ... probably cause your comedy is so good we don't care. You're like Daniel Thrasher :) [ or vice versa? which one of you started first? ]

  • Rita Green
    Rita Green

    So true.😂

  • R.M. Lopezcartoons
    R.M. Lopezcartoons

    How are you my favorite protagonist and antagonist

  • Mason Samuels
    Mason Samuels

    Caleb is the definition of escalation

  • Ha-Eun Oh
    Ha-Eun Oh

    I be done with him and these skits 😂😂😂😂

  • Yunghanis

    How tf he make a youtube ad so interesting

  • N Edmondson
    N Edmondson

    This video is me when my dad tells me to put together something

  • Hugurs

    I think he just needs to eat first.

  • Shrimple

    Dude that Old Spice Commercial in the end was sick.

  • DedMemez

    Stand name- Old Spice Stand user- Caleb Stand power- Odor elimination

  • Wolf Ffox
    Wolf Ffox

    *”Old spice,Helps you defeat the odors around you”*

  • musaab elakouri
    musaab elakouri

    There are 666 dislikes Edit: I’m sorry I must complete my quest Edit 2 I refresh screen still 666 I’m sorry Edit3 I did it

  • Nymid Artist
    Nymid Artist

    This isn't Caleb City, this is footage of me putting together a dresser I just got from Target

  • Joross Lizardo
    Joross Lizardo

    my man should search a tutorial in SVsoft it's easier... no

  • Kasdan Wilson
    Kasdan Wilson

    The paid promotion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • RamenJuice

    Sneaky boi snuck in his twitch page at 1:28 The instructions do be playing us

  • Bryant Quinones
    Bryant Quinones

    Is it a canvas?

  • Tommy Boy7
    Tommy Boy7

    Thanks for sharing

  • Adam 420
    Adam 420

    "WHY DOES A CASTLE HAVE WHEELS?!?!?!?!" -Gandhi probably

  • govener enderdragon
    govener enderdragon

    Bro I use old spice shampoo

  • chris paladin7
    chris paladin7

    All the time when I dream like for real for real

  • Mazinger and Minerva
    Mazinger and Minerva

    I don't mind watching a shirtless Caleb 😍

  • Shadow Ukazami3939
    Shadow Ukazami3939

    Power of three Jojo's stands

  • its Chris
    its Chris

    Caleb out here doing old spice ads, tryna see you on a bmw commercial my boy

  • haziq

    You ever be having a whole argument with yourself while putting together an Ikea product?

  • Candy Shep
    Candy Shep

    This is the best thing ever, especially the commercial

  • Samurai Tuff
    Samurai Tuff

    Sometimes it really be like that btw talking about the building thing

  • gracetheday

    Literally lol. Thanks 😊

  • mehmet ali mikail karadağ
    mehmet ali mikail karadağ

    Not gonna lie, when he mentioned wires I thought about electric chair hahaha

  • Haxus

    The funniest ad I’ve seen in forever