Villains with TRASH reasons on why they're evil.
Villain: I fell on my way in the house from my car and I had food in my hands. This planet will know pain.

Oddwin - 19
King Kaiyo - Melodic

  • The Ols • v •
    The Ols • v •

    It's fun and joke until you realize there's actual high school shooter with this mentality in real life. Except he was believed he was influenced by the devil inside him.

  • SPotato

    I hate to say this because this might take away from the joke but... The airsoft pistol doesn't have its hammer back.

  • YB Goonly
    YB Goonly

    Person: *has a shitty origin story to become who they are now* VaccineMan: ILL KILL YOU FOR THAT!!

  • YB Goonly
    YB Goonly


  • Lord Taco
    Lord Taco

    They went through his Amazon and canceled his orders?! What sick people

  • Fut King
    Fut King

    The icy sphere interestingly wrap because turnip unquestionably rhyme barring a cute thread. scrawny, super spear

  • Dr. Hamza د. حمزة
    Dr. Hamza د. حمزة

    This is actually realistic reason

  • TK Evans
    TK Evans

    Yo! I hope he gets an award for funniest/most creative man of the year

  • The Almighty Yeet Lord
    The Almighty Yeet Lord

    “Why did you kill these people?” “They ate the last slice.”

  • London Torres
    London Torres

    "Man f*ck your apology right now! HE'S PSYCHOTIC!" I was rolling

  • Boogie-Woogie

    All great reasons

  • NotNero

    “Why did you kill all these people?” “They got my order wrong.”

  • Account lol
    Account lol

    DAMN boy he DENSE

  • Chifuyu Matsuno
    Chifuyu Matsuno


  • Love Henegan
    Love Henegan

    That pre order cancellation hit different

  • Goblin Ninja123
    Goblin Ninja123

    "Why did u kill these people" Italians: "they put pineapple on pizza

  • Anthony Favacho Henriques
    Anthony Favacho Henriques

    0:33 Athosso (at leat that's what i understood)

  • He-Meme Man
    He-Meme Man

    "They canceled all my pre-orders." "OH HELL NO!"

  • blue moon studios
    blue moon studios

    This would’ve been a good storyline without the other stuff

  • Jammin Plush Productions
    Jammin Plush Productions

    “Why did you kill all these people?” “They forgot to put ketchup on my hotdog.”

  • Hyper Stick
    Hyper Stick

    Dbz broly in a nutshell

  • Nafisa Shireen Shah
    Nafisa Shireen Shah

    It's funny how these are the exact reasons how criminals are made.

  • ChaseTIM

    He should be a writer

  • Morcillia

    The "rigo drop it" near the end scared the hell out of me. sounded like someone was behind me

  • Honzy

    Title idea: When heroes makes the strongest villains good but they become the weakest

  • A Random Individual
    A Random Individual

    “See, mommy said I was too good NOW IM NOT GOOD! AM I TOO GOOD NOW, MOMMY?!” And yes, this is a real motive for a villain …in Plan Bee

  • Hammy-wuz-here

    canceled my pre orders XD

  • Mehmood Boxing Gym
    Mehmood Boxing Gym

    "they tortured me to death, revived me, just to torture me to death again"🤣

  • Rainbow Vader
    Rainbow Vader

    This is probably what school shooters are like "Why'd you do it?" "Everyone called me a faggot and it really hurt my fee fee's 😭"

  • Ahmed Alhashmi
    Ahmed Alhashmi

    Bad reasons if thoses were bad then all evil peps have bad reasons if anything he has the best resons to be bad u wheret even saying that he was bad u sayed he just wants revenge

  • Trendon Neeley
    Trendon Neeley

    Bruh did some payday stuff

  • ?cornbread?

    My reason why I was evil: after my best friend said He got a new friend Candice, well let’s not go to further, but you know what he did

  • Vidal VB 189
    Vidal VB 189


  • Obunga

    this video def targeted at dbz abirdged broly

  • AntiHeroine

    Awww poor baby

  • Jeff

    *Frieza with TRASH reasons on why he’s evil*

  • 🌊 Tsunami 🦈
    🌊 Tsunami 🦈

    Perfect example: original broly

  • Tokusentai

    I’m evil because I dropped my ice cream last Saturday..

  • Cupcake Playz!
    Cupcake Playz!

    When I was 5 years old, I dropped a strawberry. My life has never been the same since.

  • I AmKind
    I AmKind

    MC: why…WHY DID YOU KILL THEM V: you see when I was young a kid stomp on my sand castle so then I stomp on their house with the family MC:……..DUDE WHAT THE HELL JUST MAKE ANOTHER SAND CASTLE OMG

  • Luxy Advice
    Luxy Advice

    Dude I swear this man is to funny sometimes

  • Poggers Champ
    Poggers Champ

    Everybody’s gangster until they cancel your pre orders

  • bruh '
    bruh '

    "They had us in the first half, not gonna lie..."

  • raspberyy kid
    raspberyy kid

    if i go evil my reason is i lost my nintendo switch kickstand

  • Aaron TDM
    Aaron TDM

    Wait… is it just me or is this the exact scene in the scene where Sam is talking to Carly in Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

  • Jordan Cash
    Jordan Cash


  • Gabriel Anderson
    Gabriel Anderson

    Broly lol

  • Gonellyo

    The crying had me dead

  • Paul M
    Paul M

    The amazon prime bit took me out loooool he couldn't believe it

  • Rah'tel Jackson
    Rah'tel Jackson

    I just a story about forgiveness.

  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic

    Why did you kill all these people!? “Nobody lays a finger on my butterfinger”

  • Kaya Brown
    Kaya Brown

    “ They canceled all my preorders on Amazon “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vicky Vortex
    Vicky Vortex


  • Irfan Adib
    Irfan Adib

    "Why did you kill all these people?" "Because they skipped the sponsor of this video, Nord VPN, the best VPN in the world."

  • Nova

    Can someone please tell me the song at 1:36 @CalebCity didn’t put it in the description box :/

  • Gamer Central
    Gamer Central

    This is broly in a nutshell

  • lmao gottem
    lmao gottem

    dang bro the plot of this story is actually sorta good

  • Julius

    Obito basically

  • WILD Cubing
    WILD Cubing

    Thay went to my Amazon acount and canceled all my pre orders. THAY DID WHAT!

  • Lelouch Vi britannia
    Lelouch Vi britannia

    They killed me twice and tried to drown me when I was 6 : I sleep They went through my Amazon account and canceled all my Pre-orders : REAL SHIT!!!!!!!

  • Reid Pattis
    Reid Pattis

    I like how the well written villain had a meltdown on how much of a stretch the second villain is.

  • Spg Tonyuchiha
    Spg Tonyuchiha

    Faith from far cry 5 in a nut shell

  • Shay Konradsdottir
    Shay Konradsdottir

    Hey you! Your video structure is awesome and it's why I binge your shit from time to time.

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters

    That Dollar Tree-budget police cosplay though. LOL

  • Mattastical

    Now I could probably excuse torturing someone till they die, then reviving them only to kill em again. But how in the hell are ya gonna cancel a man's amazon pre orders?? Thats sick and cruel 😒😒😂😂

  • Anna #37
    Anna #37


  • Yukisoba888

    Damn you’re genuinely a good actor, like the beginning when reigle was describing his reasons up to 0:49 like that’s genuinely really good acting, even Bill was good u could actually be an actor

  • Haris Hussain
    Haris Hussain

    Litteral fml

  • brachios squill
    brachios squill

    This is literally Kaioh from fist of the north star right here his mom died in an accidental fire and saved his younger brother and his step brother, he then kills his dog, and goes on becoming a ruthless tyrant, murders his own sister to frame his step brother to get him killed and then he personally tries to kill his step brother.... to avenge his mother....

  • ZeldaSnake300

    Cop: “Louis, you’re always the more logical one” Louis: *Kills people because of Middle School bullies* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tolord

    Why are you a mass murderer Because people used to make fun of me for my ability and i couldn't fit in Sound Familiar

    • Althea Eneco
      Althea Eneco

      What series?

  • Ariel Warfare
    Ariel Warfare

    At least they all HAVE reasons. *glares at Akihiko Kayaba*

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    Not the preorders 😭😭😭

  • Femboy Furry
    Femboy Furry

    “Why did you kill all these people?!” “When I was 6, my parents went out to eat ice cream without me…”

  • Demolition Mitch
    Demolition Mitch

    The description is gold

  • FadeOnSwitchツ

    Fast and furious 9 in a nut shell

  • The Protagonist
    The Protagonist

    Why did you kill of all those people? Freedom of speech, its my choice. I’m allowed to express myself the way i want to. You have been indoctrinated to think that these people were innocent. I’m criticising them for living. If you cant handle rational criticism, then you are weak. Not everyone who is indoctrinated into the cult of morality actually wants to be a part of it. If you want to follow a set of antiquated rules, then be my guest

  • Syed Talib Hussain
    Syed Talib Hussain

    "why did you kill all these people?" "It was their mistake they didn't know self defense techniques, they didn't deserve to live anyway"

  • Ramon kalvik
    Ramon kalvik


  • Freedom Strength
    Freedom Strength


  • Worlds best Handgernade
    Worlds best Handgernade

    This reminds me of red dead 2 for some reason

  • BlaDez_Heroson

    Louis going through it

  • Mr. Suspicious
    Mr. Suspicious

    You are horrible at escaping me My motives are unkown

  • Team QTM
    Team QTM

    Normally people that rob and stuff was most likely abused as a kid or hated and they want revenge some times if they are more chill you act chill don’t freak out Bc most chill ones can get pissed off really easy so stay calm do what they say you will most likely get out of there alive

  • Bryce M Productions
    Bryce M Productions

    “Why did you kill all these people” … they knew the rules, and so, do I

  • KizzuKai

    Omg i can't take it the way he cried

  • Joshua David
    Joshua David

    when he cried he sound like a gas from minecraft

  • Aisin Gioro Puyi
    Aisin Gioro Puyi

    i love your skits for the storys you make to go along with them

  • Keng Vue
    Keng Vue

    DB villains

  • Michael Woodcum
    Michael Woodcum

    Okay wait I realize this is hella late but like, Luis is such a move cause the music is gang shit and then when Luis starts describing his petty revenge you can literally hear the music change from this hardcore shit to "wait a min wut"

  • some ranfom dude
    some ranfom dude

    " ThAy CaNcEled ALL mY AmAZoN PrE ORders "

  • Andre Bennett
    Andre Bennett

    His face when Louis dropped the gun was hilarious... I died lmao

  • M N
    M N

    Villains with trash reasons on why they’re evil. But isn’t that how school shootings start? Kids get picked.

  • Cr Zero
    Cr Zero

    well someone didnt get into the art school

  • Althea Eneco
    Althea Eneco

    Is he referring to a specific series? Okay I'm happy this and no one is mentioning that series and character

  • SuperMario49

    “They went through my Amazon account and canceled all my preorders.” “THEY DID WHAT!?!?! HELL NO!!!!!!”

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer

    Armin: Did any of the thousands of civilians you killed who didn't hate Eldia hurt you or any of your loved ones? Eren Yeager: Well, NO...b-but they didn't put their own lives at risk to save a foreign country that never did anything for them! You can't tell me that's not dickish, come on.

    • Ultimate Gamer
      Ultimate Gamer

      @Althea Eneco r/woosh

    • Althea Eneco
      Althea Eneco

      @Ultimate Gamer i know 😭 lmao sorry for being getting pissy about it, although I still stand by what I said 😤

    • Ultimate Gamer
      Ultimate Gamer

      [insert character with a strong conviction here]: I do what I do because I had to. I have strong reasons to why I do the important things I do. This is why I keep fighting! Because even though some people might not understand my reasons, they're important! You're strong, but so what? You may defeat me, but can you handle it? The will to keep moving foward? Why will you beat me right now? What will you accomplish? Why do you fight? Saitama: **removes booger with his finger** It's a hobby.

    • Ultimate Gamer
      Ultimate Gamer

      @Althea Eneco's a joke.

    • Althea Eneco
      Althea Eneco

      Eren never said that non-Paradisians should risk their lives for Paradis? It wasn't that they weren't risking their lives for them, it's because the entire world was quite literally getting ready to attack Paradis. The world, not just Marley. That's why even Hange and Jean, who nonetheless disapproved his methods, understood his reason. "They didn't put their own lives at risk for a foreign country that never did anything for them" yeah like how Marley was propagating Paradis as an island of Devils when they did nothing but reclaim their land and kept trying for peace for the past four years, prior to the attack on liberio.

  • ThaRealJules


  • king shadow the hedeghog ultimate life form
    king shadow the hedeghog ultimate life form

    Please make more of this to you're funny person don't ever change

  • STIX Gaming
    STIX Gaming

    The way caleb character number 2 gets mad at caleb character number 1 XD "Do you even remember the names of the people who made fun of you?!"