An Old Spice ad (but also an actual video)
Old Spice's new NightPanther scent lasts ridiculously long and smells amazing, so I made a 100% accurate ad explaining that.

Find your scent of confidence at or at retailers nationwide.

  • BlueNexus VII
    BlueNexus VII

    This is probably the only time that I won't skip an ad and instead, see the whole video of it

  • Destroyer 34332
    Destroyer 34332

    “ this arOOOOOOOOOOOOMa”

  • Coolphantom06

    Deep sniffffffff...... THIS AROOOOOOOOOOOOOMAAAAA Ascends


    So then I thought to myself am I really going to open a strange box that randomly showed up on my doorstep.......YESSSS YEEEEESSSSSSS 😂

  • MrsM1138

    There was an Old Spice before Caleb's video and the video was 10x better.

  • Crispy

    S E X P A N T H E R

  • Bhriso

    Old spice >>>> axe

  • TempVo

    I love this

  • Armani Herrera
    Armani Herrera

    They should make adds like this

  • Kaden Loftis
    Kaden Loftis


  • zombeef 21
    zombeef 21

    i need old spice oh wait i have it i smell amazing

  • Jake Hughes
    Jake Hughes

    Unibomber vibes

  • Limitless Range
    Limitless Range

    2:09 he just took a deep breath like he just entered a cold shower

  • Dr FardNerd
    Dr FardNerd

    Plot twist: the deodorant was drugs

  • AquaFloats

    Yo why this remind me of food wars😂😂😂😂 This aroma followed by floating in the air🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • GRCM

    0:52 you would be looking like rider from GTA San Andreas if you had glasses

    • Noob Master
      Noob Master

      That's kinda true

  • Benji Bananas
    Benji Bananas

    I think I’m seeing different ads than u lol

  • Alcina Dimitrescu
    Alcina Dimitrescu

    This man turned into Jesus 😭😭😭😭

  • Nija-O-Yama

    This is now my favorite ad

  • Denied Chats
    Denied Chats

    Random guy: u came here to tell me about old spice Ordinary guy: u notice anything different about me Random guy: u smell amazing Me: u don’t notice his super long hair and beard and him floating

  • foodstamps97

    The fact that your front door is like 20 feet tall

  • Pat Tho
    Pat Tho


  • I Enjoyed My Stay
    I Enjoyed My Stay

    I got and old spice ad right after I clicked the video

  • Nick Martin
    Nick Martin

    Jesus why his door so tall (this is rlly off topic lol)

  • flamin' taco
    flamin' taco

    Funny I got an old spice ad right after watching this hmmmmmmm

  • Joshua Benitez
    Joshua Benitez

    Okay fine, this was fucking amazing

  • rheam morrison
    rheam morrison


  • Mr Sandusky 7
    Mr Sandusky 7

    Who else got an old spice ad

  • XDiggy

    If you truly believe that Jesus is God, that Jesus died on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead three days later, acknowledge and repent of all your sins to God (but don’t just say I wanna change my sinful ways and then do nothing about it, that’s called playing the hypocrite), and trust and love God with everything you got, as your number One! Then God will save you from hell and give you the gift of eternal life with Him! And make sure to continuously live for and love God for your entire life! God DOES NOT hate you,GOD LOVES YOU and wants to SAVE YOU!!! And don’t wait to accept God either because you can die tomorrow, tonight in your sleep, or even in the next hour! And once you died and you haven’t been living for God, it’ll be too late. God loves you and He is always waiting for you to come to Him!!!!!!!

  • Brock FN
    Brock FN

    The real old spice ad at the end👌🏼

  • Super Friend
    Super Friend

    1:04 killed me 🤣🤣

  • Breadperson

    Happend to me once no cap

  • Beanie Weenie
    Beanie Weenie

    I got an old spice ad before this

  • easternunit200

    0:13 i hate that alarm clock. I always think of getting up and going to work…

  • Dune Ink
    Dune Ink

    I'm going to go fly now

  • Nymid Artist
    Nymid Artist

    CalebCity and Longbeach Griffy are the only people I want to see in ads

  • GreenCuber

    I love how I got an Old Spice ad before the actual video

  • MrFloofyPants


  • Kawaii-Hi gaming 💜
    Kawaii-Hi gaming 💜

    I hate the smell of old spice I don’t understand it with guys and I’m girl so I don’t care also not hating 😑

  • King from Queens
    King from Queens

    Bro write the script start a go fund me

  • TheRealNumber1

    You: Am i really gonna open a strange box that was at my doorstep? Jotaro: YES YES YES YES, *Y E S !*

  • Doge Moon
    Doge Moon

    Got an old spice ad before this video that just so happens to bee an old spice ad

  • Searching Again
    Searching Again

    I smell fantastic! 😄🤣😂

  • alioZboi 1
    alioZboi 1

    this man can get nearly 2m people to watch AN OLD SPICE AD for nothing.. well played.

  • PR0P3R PL4Y3R
    PR0P3R PL4Y3R

    The bestt ad ever

  • Nova Panda Gamer898
    Nova Panda Gamer898


  • Rio

    📹📹❤️My vanced app skiped the whole video 📹📹❤️

  • E. J.
    E. J.

    This is probably the most viewed ad on youtube

  • notcho7

    the only ad i chose to watch

  • YasuAnimates(MintDoesThings)


  • Jay Hogan
    Jay Hogan


  • Senshimi


  • Shun X
    Shun X

    Wow a Old Spice ad played right before the start of the video!!!! Algorithms so trippy!!!

  • Ophelia Munroe
    Ophelia Munroe

    Someone reach out to this man to collaborate on a dramatic comedy or I'll commit...The Crimes ™️

  • Soul

    I literally got an old spice ad as soon as I clicked on the video

  • Paradox

    1:45 Is doing drugs for the first time

  • Manny Rivera
    Manny Rivera

    Plot twist : he actually had powers when he applied the deodorant and it wasnt an edit

  • Blaxkk_


  • Dutchtubergamer

    Good ad

  • Shmeegan

    it burned my armpit

  • K-Rod Kev-Dog
    K-Rod Kev-Dog

    If I didn't have sensitive skin I would use old spice all the time. Too bad I'm allergic, the smell is amazing

  • Skull Trooper
    Skull Trooper

    1:52 the best part of guns start playing

  • Herculeshermes9

    This is the only ad I’m willing to watch more than once

  • Chris KoalaBears
    Chris KoalaBears


  • Marcus Medina
    Marcus Medina

    2:16 Don't mind me

  • Phixiq

    Bro I have not fucking laughed this hard in a LONGGG time 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wyatt Devine
    Wyatt Devine

    “yes Yes YES” it fit too well

  • Rockne Cointin
    Rockne Cointin

    Can anyone tell me the music at 1:51 in the video?

  • NHT Cryptic
    NHT Cryptic

    Mans got flash banged

  • Nick Pilotto
    Nick Pilotto

    This ad was so good I keep coming back to it. AND ITS AN AD!!

  • Beau Rathbun
    Beau Rathbun

    The fact I got an actual old spice add before the vid was so fitting

  • siddharth singh
    siddharth singh

    When u combine redbull and the Force

  • Somday

    1:50 This dude censored Nike to give oldspice his full dedication XDDDD I dead

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    Got an old spice ad on the old spice ad for old spice

  • ClangBang

    Bruh who else got the old spice ad while watching this LMAO

  • Sub to iJustify 2
    Sub to iJustify 2

    I watched 1 SVsoftr and it came to this. For that, I am glad.

  • Kuro Nekooo
    Kuro Nekooo

    Damn if this was the ad for every youtube ad in your videos, I'd never skip. Never.

  • Ziloracion

    Thi- thi- thi- thi- thi- this aromaaaaa Instead of power😂

  • ItsCaptainGamer plays
    ItsCaptainGamer plays

    His superhero name is Spiceman

  • Epic Gamer BOI
    Epic Gamer BOI

    I like how instead of a cardboard box he uses a treasure chest from the 1700s

  • Scoddri

    Yo Caleb, that's not how you use those electric toothbrushes. You don't supply the mechanical cleaning, the toothbrush does. Just wanna save yo teeth my boy

  • Ninjajake79


  • Lego Yoda
    Lego Yoda

    Ayo showering is poggers

  • Avory Bernkastel
    Avory Bernkastel

    man literally gained, reality warping, telekinesis, and gravity control and levitation from using old spice. But yeah, he smells amazing.

  • SomeFlatSoda 987
    SomeFlatSoda 987

    1:05-1:15 This is how I'm going to die Curiosity, and unnamed mystery packages

  • The AViator
    The AViator

    Long ago, the two armpits lived in harmony. *Then, everything changed when BO attacked.*

  • Jon Wit
    Jon Wit

    lol the barely blurred Nike logo. great work.

  • Spectralizer Maxamizer
    Spectralizer Maxamizer

    It’s official, Old Spice is now DrUGs

  • Epic Wolf Run
    Epic Wolf Run

    This is how palpatine was able to shoot lightning

  • Yao Mir
    Yao Mir

    Thanks to you, I now use old spice.

  • Logan Huntley
    Logan Huntley

    I’m telling my kids this was Jupiter’s Legacy. Mostly so they don’t watch Jupiter’s Legacy.

  • some cats in a box
    some cats in a box

    The last Calebcity video my brother got to see. He sent it to me a day later at like 2AM, thought it was funny as shit. I fucking miss him.

  • Chain

    Was the opening an attack on titan reference

  • Octo's Adventures
    Octo's Adventures

    I got an Old Spice ad before this video

  • Just Some Guy With Eyes
    Just Some Guy With Eyes

    wait this is an ad? am confused

  • Johnny Davies
    Johnny Davies

    I got an oldspice ad after this video

  • You_Should_Stop_Now_ Boi_
    You_Should_Stop_Now_ Boi_

    Of course, its just a dream... NO IT WANSTENT

  • You_Should_Stop_Now_ Boi_
    You_Should_Stop_Now_ Boi_

    I wanna see him do one of raid shadow legends

  • @.@TravelBear@.@

    Its like each person has an ability connected to their old spice and an old spice is choosen specifically for them

  • Kyle Cassidy
    Kyle Cassidy

    if only all adds were as good as this