That one ant you catch walking alone.
The first ant that took ant poison back to the queen.

Oddwin - 19

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    HxH Reference...


    The way he slid across the floor lmao 🤣

  • kunoichi

    Ain't nobody gonna talk about how accurate he portrayed a dead insect? XD LOL all dry and lifeless. I died.

  • Carter Bridges
    Carter Bridges

    Oh you a fire bender

  • Kirbo the Magnificent
    Kirbo the Magnificent

    I will literally never look at lone ants the same way ever again. Literally never, I'll just think back to this skit and think about the trauma that ant has probably gone through, and unlike other times, I won't squash it. I will let it go in peace.

  • Cory L
    Cory L

    oh no 😂

  • Jordan Tanksley
    Jordan Tanksley

    *HE RAN SO FAST🤣🤣🤣*

  • Isaac Stevenson
    Isaac Stevenson

    You know Caleb is a creative genius cos he just saw an ant walking and went “I wonder where this dude come from… wait”

  • Kirbo Poyo
    Kirbo Poyo

    Plot twist: When he asked “Say it” he really meant say *it*

  • Super Game Master
    Super Game Master

    Among Us: Ants Edition When the Queen is SUS

  • M


  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog

    The worst thing is that he was probably really the queen ant's favorite since the queen thanks him, while the other ant says the queen doesn't do that. LOL

  • Boop

    Does anyone know the song played when the ant finds out he poisoned the queen?

  • Razy Gray
    Razy Gray

    This is genius

  • thedudeabides97

    Fantastic man

  • Zorawar Singh
    Zorawar Singh

    i shall never look at a lone ant the same again

  • Ann Rosenblum
    Ann Rosenblum

    I get the title

  • Jason Charles-Nelson
    Jason Charles-Nelson

    The ending 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Erik dos Santos
    Erik dos Santos

    1:59 some ant tics

  • Freeza Sama
    Freeza Sama

    The ant who was framed is basically me in among us

  • Pumking Devil
    Pumking Devil

    This is one of my favorite video he made so far

  • tacti-cool

    Hahahahhaha thought it was gonna be about humans terrorizing a lone ant

  • bruh


  • Xezerik


  • Chappo Jr.
    Chappo Jr.

    This is worthy of an academy award

  • Devout Slayer Witness
    Devout Slayer Witness

    How "A Bugs Life" should have went.

  • Ben Lewis
    Ben Lewis

    But everything changed when the fire ant attacked

  • Joe joseph
    Joe joseph

    Bruh this is so funny and tragic at the same time



  • LivingTophat


  • xkillerx

    Plot twist: The queen was showing gratitude because that wasn't the queen that was the guy that killed her and he accidentally killed the killer

  • ChaosMarioSwitch

    I thought these were real people,not ants!

  • TimeFrenzied

    0:22 #calebconvertible

  • 🌊 Tsunami 🦈
    🌊 Tsunami 🦈

    This man is the face of sketch comedy

  • DIO

    Hmm I wonder who is watching this on twitch

  • SHADOW 99
    SHADOW 99


  • Wayden S
    Wayden S

    This is why all food is checked before getting eaten

  • Vicky Vortex
    Vicky Vortex

    What an Ending Tho! I like this one.

  • Marcuz_kenway


  • El Tonto
    El Tonto

    it's a good thing I always kill the real killer.

  • Hunter x Hunter
    Hunter x Hunter

    The ending though😁😁

  • Wheezing in the 90's
    Wheezing in the 90's

    I like the part where the ant was walking alone.

  • __kKilla __KcAm
    __kKilla __KcAm

    I literally pissed my pants

  • Wilbur Warthog
    Wilbur Warthog

    I never realized that's what queen ants ate.

  • Kang

    I maintain that this is Caleb City’s greatest skit

  • Eternal Enigma
    Eternal Enigma

    all that from one ant lol

  • O’Brian Barley
    O’Brian Barley

    Yo that ant 🐜 at the end 😳 Fin.

  • XxkenxX games
    XxkenxX games

    Gahhh* some antics

  • Esha Renee
    Esha Renee


  • Subbu Sharma
    Subbu Sharma

    Damn bro at start I thought something else happened few seconds in I was lmfao 🤣🤟 you're a G my brodda

  • Bardia Ghorbani
    Bardia Ghorbani

    The ending tho😂

  • pixlblox9099 the Jolteon
    pixlblox9099 the Jolteon

    There’s also that one ant carrying another ant


    To this day this skit makes me laugh 😂 that ending was brilliant

  • Mareikuzasutorenji

    You know whats really dark? He wore the queens eyeballs to pretend to be the queen. Sounds like a damn brothers grim story

  • Jake& Kristin Reviews
    Jake& Kristin Reviews


  • Amauri Wilson
    Amauri Wilson


  • Prowlr.

    What’s crazy is Queen ant actually meant it because queen ant never showed gratitude to the other ants

  • Chaos Channel
    Chaos Channel

    *MacBeth, but reenacted with ants...*

  • Lobo

    Who else saw "ant" and thought "aunt" and were confused?

  • Ur-Didact

    loooooool this is one of his best vids

  • Snigdha Maity
    Snigdha Maity

    I meann WOWOWOWOW!!!

  • Ja A
    Ja A

    Does anyone else laugh before the video actually starts?

  • DUB TV
    DUB TV

    Lmao I was like wtf at the end

  • William Herring
    William Herring

    a SVsoft Classic

  • Soal

    989 misclicks

  • jordan ribble
    jordan ribble

    bro i just took in hes wearing a fire nation shirt so their fire ants this mans playing 5D chest

  • Gord Of Oblivion
    Gord Of Oblivion

    You know I Knoohooohooow

  • Silence Screams
    Silence Screams

    Fire Nation!!!! 🥰🔥🔥🔥

  • AugReady

    someone must've bet him he couldnt make a joke with the punchline being just a single ant

  • Unknown

    Now I feel bad.. Poor ants man

  • Hallow Reaper
    Hallow Reaper

    Amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mary Mikel
    Mary Mikel

    Lol so scout ants just don't exist? Edit: I know it's a joke...

  • The only Kali
    The only Kali

    My name is Kaleb but with a k

  • EthansRapCovers

    Ok, one, i want his Fire Nation shirt, two, love how he was like "Bro chilllll, i prieceate the foooood"

  • Isaac Vision209
    Isaac Vision209

    bruh im straight dyin

  • Lunatic Leone
    Lunatic Leone

    THE ENDING 🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • tink-tink

    Is this the most popular ant in the world?

  • you actually read this
    you actually read this

    I love how the food the ant brought is labeled "Poison" instead of a skull face

  • T Gresh
    T Gresh


  • CGC Gowda
    CGC Gowda

    Next video should be: that one fly coming into your house be like

  • Fatima Noor
    Fatima Noor


  • esoop the derp
    esoop the derp

    I like that the context implies that the first “queen” was also a fake

  • inveterate

    I imagine beru rushing to the queens nest

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I'm guessing they're fire ants due to the fire nation shirt

  • RA

    this video was so good it got only 998 dislike and more than 300k likes !

  • Ban Lucis
    Ban Lucis

    That dead ant position is priceless😂😂😂

  • TheDezembro

    This is like, top 3 Caleb material right here. How tf did you even come up with this... I'll never look at a solitary ant the same way ever again.

  • Yika -
    Yika -

    **after camera cuts** Calebs foot: "👟🐜💀"

  • Flinch Fu
    Flinch Fu


  • huncho jack
    huncho jack

    My man got all of this from seeing one ant walk around by itself…. Genius

  • Renzos Kitchen
    Renzos Kitchen

    This nest is doomed

  • EZ Gaming
    EZ Gaming

    0:47 I'm wheezing 😂😂😂

  • Spyrobowser09


  • Mathew Gutierrez
    Mathew Gutierrez

    I was so confused till the ending. That was epic bro

  • David Bahcecioglu
    David Bahcecioglu

    I swear he allways got me dead ass when he knocked out sb 🤣😂

  • Sir Beerus
    Sir Beerus

    Caleb: sees an ant walking "I'm gonna start this ant's career."

  • coprographia

    She’s just scouting man

  • Sɐpᴉsʇᴉɔ

    Plot twist: the ant was actually from another colony but didn't realize it

  • Camden Sturgeon
    Camden Sturgeon

    Bet money this entire skit was just random ass thought off watching a singular ant walk across the side-walk

  • David Landowski
    David Landowski

    Top tier video. One of the best and instant classic