The VERY moment you start to heal in a battle royale.

  • Ardyn Izunia
    Ardyn Izunia



    yea i know everytime, i heal i just hear gunshots then the voicelines lol

  • FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele
    FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele

    That leave game sleight of hand tho.

  • David Mederos
    David Mederos

    Stop playing video games your glucose levels are gettin to high!

  • Dewyu Nohmi
    Dewyu Nohmi

    I know Wraith when I see her.

  • cedric wade
    cedric wade


  • hun ginnshie
    hun ginnshie .... Tell me...

  • Glumi

    I just got a fortnite ad lol youtube knew. Also Press the like if fortnite sucks- wait sorry. Press the like if anyone can have their own opinion on anything :) I I I V

  • Rikiel Anasui
    Rikiel Anasui

    And I be telling people to hold their ass back when I'm healing.

  • Boopz

    You turn around for a bit to heal up and come back to the whole battle royale pointing their guns at you

  • Fe4rero

    When you cancel that shi at THE LAST FING SECOND....... Thats one of my pet peeves

  • Pepper the Raccoon
    Pepper the Raccoon

    He doesn’t have his mic down lol

  • Cloud9

    It’s always apex😂

  • Ziphta_the_overcomer 18
    Ziphta_the_overcomer 18

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  • Iamthetruth21

    Evil who??? Because I’m the one who’s always here in youtube comment sections world wide

  • CapREX77

    *Apex feels are strong with this one*

  • TheCringeLord

    loving the Infinite Master Chief Funko in the background

  • Cooloreaper

    This is so true it’s also annoying

  • Godly Memes
    Godly Memes

    Bro he left by instinct, I know that feeling

  • JonyUltraX

    Love how his mic is up

  • Daseox


  • Cholupa Gaming
    Cholupa Gaming

    Apex legends

  • Head High
    Head High

    Haha I cancelled it

  • Seaborn Gaming
    Seaborn Gaming

    So true tho

  • MateoNoFeo

    You forgot your teammate yelling he’s finishing me !!!!!

  • Tey Davis
    Tey Davis

    Warzone when putting on armour and the squad gets rushed after your 1st plate lol ....then you forgot to reload right after

  • Sanc The goat
    Sanc The goat

    This is me in like every game

  • Top Warzone Highlights
    Top Warzone Highlights

    the pressure always be killing me

  • Undenied Storm
    Undenied Storm

    It’s crazy how this video isn’t even exaggerated.

  • StuTheStu

    That insta-quit straight HAD me!

  • Dav U
    Dav U

    That wow at the end got me dead ☠️😂


    they can't hear you, your mic is up

  • vulmos gaming
    vulmos gaming

    i swear apex do too muh with them shield batteries

  • Haku

    *starts using a phoenix kit * *The whole lobby now knows where you are*

  • Windy BlackRose
    Windy BlackRose

    When Phoenix kit is your only option:

  • Dom DiMartino
    Dom DiMartino

    1:00 no one: my wraith teammate in pubs

  • K.C Animations
    K.C Animations

    this how it be playing apex

  • Dark


  • Brxan

    As an Apex Legends player, this was hilarious to watch. xD

  • Nino_Bandz

    He done alt f4 😂😂😂



  • Darcy Shaw
    Darcy Shaw


  • MadHunter2375

    Fastest quit in the west

  • L Naipere
    L Naipere

    dangerously tooo accurate

  • Gazzele Zer
    Gazzele Zer

    The leaving speed was just a wraith classic

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue


  • Luqman Hakeem
    Luqman Hakeem

    Apex right 😂 100% legit

  • RenzToh

    Him: scared Character this whole time: 😐

  • Hetzerogeneous

    After healing: “I’m alive again. Let’s go!” 1 second later: *one shotted by a sniper headshot*

  • marioisbruhh

    if i got money for every time i died when my battery was at 0.1 percent i would be rich


    Any one noticed how his mic peace wasn't down

  • Mebymyself0

    Me legit going in on 1hp

  • FinnaGetEm :P
    FinnaGetEm :P

    Oh I extra canceled a shield thinking I had finished it. Messed round and got folded

  • Nathan Roy
    Nathan Roy

    Took me 4 days to realize he never unmuted 😂

  • just a Random YouTube kid
    just a Random YouTube kid

    I’m pretty sure everyone who is played fortnight or any battle royale game can relate as soon as you start to heal shots around you

  • So I Slap da B!TCH
    So I Slap da B!TCH


    • viiont eooiy
      viiont eooiy

      or right when you’re about to finish healing you get shot

  • Level Determined
    Level Determined

    Thats a world record for how fast he logged

  • Darren Lee
    Darren Lee

    That moment when caleb has 4.20mil subs

  • Charibasa

    Healed to max to get one shot anyways... Actually the worst feeling

  • whoisbutch

    it got real in a matter of seconds lol 😂

  • Grace San Miguel
    Grace San Miguel

    ur content is gold i swear lol i’m not even a gamer but u somehow make all ur content so relatable 🤣🤣 ily 🤟🏽

  • O2 Judo
    O2 Judo

    bro its when u just clutched up a fight and have to res ur teammate, the entire lobby just decides to start running in ur direction

  • Abhijith Mp
    Abhijith Mp


  • Lucky Dragon
    Lucky Dragon

    Ah yes like all Apex players, quit the game as soon as ur downed

  • Nick DaKonquerer
    Nick DaKonquerer

    Ok....i laughed hard af to the ending.

  • Abraham Hernandez
    Abraham Hernandez

    That's how It feels sometimes 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JonMadness

    That quick exit was the gold of this video!!!

  • Hoang Le
    Hoang Le

    I don’t know about this but I believe that he has his mic muted the whole time

  • George Sawyer
    George Sawyer

    That means you carry if it happens as soon as you start healing

  • Fabyy Mtz
    Fabyy Mtz

    or right when you’re about to finish healing you get shot

  • TheAdventurousNerd

    This isn’t as bad as when I’m resurrected on Valorant then die *immediately* after...sorry Sage :(

  • iSarea

    Never played fortnite in my life, so this is how it’s like…l

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong

    When you start healing it’s like everyone else gets a notification with the exact coordinates of where you’re at.

  • JusDion

    this is so me in Apex legends. Bruh if I'm sitting here healing up without anyone killing me obviously it's safe where Im at. Watch your teammates health bar. If it's low support them. Too many ppl run off and do they own thing.

  • George Winston
    George Winston

    Wow Caleb, you have outdone yourself once again. This is the comedic relief I needed to get over my years of crippling depression. xoxogossipgirl.

  • Nathan Manoj
    Nathan Manoj

    yo where’d you get your glasses from

    • misuyy fong
      misuyy fong

      If I pick up a Phoenix kit why can't I smack someone with it

  • SummeryMira

    i get you man I was waiting for a video like this

  • HaloDevil20X


  • gladiumcaeli

    Spent the whole time healing just to be shot by a kraber

  • IQ Unique
    IQ Unique

    I just call out that I lazered them or killed one, just so I won’t get yelled at, or get dissed by my entire squad (basically making it seem like I put in the work)

  • Floop

    what a chad, talking to his teamates with his mic up

  • Julissa Villatoro
    Julissa Villatoro

    The “wooow” at the end 😂😂😂👌🏽

  • lani

    fr apex healing packs take so long

  • The legend 2121
    The legend 2121

    Lmao when u cancel the heal tho in apex rank

  • Mannie D Lux
    Mannie D Lux

    Honestly the main reason why I stopped playing Apex

  • Minteaa

    This give me anxiety lol

  • Sladezz

    lmao you are hillarious

  • Enzo

    Popping a Phoenix Kit in a nutshell

  • Astou sy
    Astou sy

    Yo the person who get a old spice commercial is Caleb

  • Juushii

    lmao apex in a nutshell

  • Emerald Santana
    Emerald Santana

    If I pick up a Phoenix kit why can't I smack someone with it

  • Twice As Nice
    Twice As Nice

    I can relate bro, when your friends are trash and they helped but didn’t wipe the squad, (u still play tho cuz their yo friends) but ur the hard carry.

  • Supreme Neon
    Supreme Neon

    Healing in games take long af bruh. this is too accurate.

  • Alxolotl

    Anyone else get a battle royale ad before this?

  • Devyzixx

    His Mic Wasn't Even Put Down To Activate It....

  • dreary vibes
    dreary vibes

    apex in a nutshell yerrrrr

  • RedGamr27

    Daaaaang why that heal take so long?!

  • Matt Villegas
    Matt Villegas

    Woooowwwew Why is it always the one doing the worst that talks the most sh!+

  • Brandom LifeStyle
    Brandom LifeStyle

    Aye brother you gotta show us the swords