Overpowered Villains (again)

  • Brodie Busbrain
    Brodie Busbrain

    Sounds like Jiren

  • Parker Kranz
    Parker Kranz

    Whats funny is the blink is actually in an anime i don't remember the name of it though

  • Madden4DaKng

    You created Gojo

  • Leonohasebolo

    Plot armor won't save you this time.

  • The Salesman
    The Salesman

    That ending is literally Tokyo Ghoul in a nutshell

  • DrhpTudaco

    he got put on his own shirt

  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya

    Overlord in a nutshell

  • Gacha life_ Jake
    Gacha life_ Jake

    1:13 I BEEN LAUGHING ALL DAY😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • rolly the prince
    rolly the prince

    The villains i make up be like*

  • Hunner

    That boss that the game forces you to lose to for plot reasons

  • Toast Nuggets Gaming
    Toast Nuggets Gaming

    Younger sibling and middle vs Older sibling be like:

  • Dodo

    After a year I sill can’t stop myself from laughing at the end

  • Hi Iff
    Hi Iff

    This is kaido bruh

  • McKrakenn

    Gojo moment

  • TragerM

    Also... Caleb: “Thank you! You’re so much stronger than I initially thought.” OtherCaleb: "Thank y-- bish, what???"

  • TragerM

    Toward the end, the only thing that coulda made this better, would be to see the doorway... and the OBVIOUS plastic sheet (to protect everything) and hear the screams of the hero, while SEEING the hands of the person deliberately tossing tomato soup, ketchup, and even hand picking red jello, out of a bowl, and tossing it onto the door, just before the villain comes out to chase him :)

  • BeanHead


  • Lucas

    I pray whoever sees this that god blesses you and loves you and your family

  • DJaycer

    Cant forget that part in the next episode when the villain is suddenly weaker so the main character can win.

  • PikaSalad

    Beerus in a nutshell

  • Monke Simp
    Monke Simp

    Whats name of the song on 0:25?

  • Happy Nunez
    Happy Nunez

    One punch man 2.0 = One blink man

  • idk what to put for my username
    idk what to put for my username


  • ashton jerry
    ashton jerry


  • Jordan C
    Jordan C


  • Peopley people
    Peopley people

    Yeah that’s accurate ngl

  • ARIES Malapitan
    ARIES Malapitan

    the villain is true op imagine he beat the power of friendship

  • Squidwardisgay

    character name: villian stats: str: 9999999999999 def: 9999999999999 weakness: power of friendship

  • Rodolfo Cano
    Rodolfo Cano

    ep 1 be like of every anime mc:

  • NotRaidz

    The definition of a op villain is one that doesnt waste time talking bout his plan. Like just kill everyone already

  • PickledAvocodo

    It’s simple all you have to do to defeat him is just complete all the side quests

  • Lewd

    Jiren in a nutshell.

  • merus

    literally the first Goku vs Jiren


    Jiren vs goku before ultra instinc


    Nioh 2 bosses be like.

  • metamorfoxsis

    John :" you think you can escape from me ? You made me like this you mfs" ! *Proceeds to check rooms in order to ambush the royals hiding their coward asses* "You all are monsters , just like me. Ducking hypocri- *Enters a random room where he finds sera with towel wrapped around* Sera: John ! Towel ! Knock ! John: umm sera it's nothing I haven't seen before... Sera: R-right. * Looks away ans blushes aggressively* John: *unhulks himself and the rest is history*

  • TheProductivityHub

    John wick : hold my pencil will ya ?

  • wolfy

    voldigoad is that you

  • Dalton King
    Dalton King

    Dont get me wrong i have no dislike torwards him whatsoever but this was definitely jiren in the tournament of power😂 on a side note I would honestly love to see a movie centered around him and his backstory.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Anos literally kills people with his heartbeat.

  • Blue Sonic Maina
    Blue Sonic Maina

    Dbz cell saga:

  • Fujin

    aizen vs all the captains be like:

  • minen creepers
    minen creepers

    The blinking reminds me of a is voldigold now

  • Dream_ Huanter
    Dream_ Huanter

    He is smashing a green screen

  • Silva Knife Chief
    Silva Knife Chief

    You gotta find the sorce of power

  • Naveen KV
    Naveen KV


  • Mxrningstar Gxthangel
    Mxrningstar Gxthangel

    Mark and the guardians vs battle beast 😂

  • Donovan Pitts
    Donovan Pitts

    Aizen be like:

  • BiShOp HaMpToN
    BiShOp HaMpToN

    ally comes in says ill hold him off as long as I can caleb getting away next thing ya know caleb is getting attacked lol

  • Uncle Ocean
    Uncle Ocean

    1:22 I would’ve died the moment I heard the scream not when he ran towards me XD

  • NMPrince

    “I was able to hold off my arch-nemesis to protect my friends!” “So you must be strong” “But it’s only for five seconds” “GET OOUUUUUTT! GET OOOUUUUT!”

  • Braxton McKenzie
    Braxton McKenzie

    I love how all of his fist fighter characters use the mantis stance

  • Nazoline Wynifred
    Nazoline Wynifred

    Baki the Grappler in a nutshell

  • Rad polo 'O'
    Rad polo 'O'

    I can see this in a movie 🎥

  • Noahisnotsimpin

    That run had me dead😭

  • Noval Chan
    Noval Chan

    0:11 Killing NPC Merchants be like

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown

    I'm getting some real misfit of demon king academy vibes


    1:19 the operator from Call of duty if u know u know

  • JayBiggs TheGreat
    JayBiggs TheGreat

    That man came around that corner with the sword so quick😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • bork

    Don’t worry as long as we use the power of friendship we can beat him

  • A RV
    A RV

    0:46 why so surprised? He just stopped time.......

  • Ege KBayram
    Ege KBayram

    He should’ve used old spice

  • Randogamer

    I love these green screen hands

  • I Know
    I Know


  • Zipiple

    The way he just came out the door running though… 🤣🤣🤣

  • It’s your boy CJ
    It’s your boy CJ

    It’s all fun and games till the main character starts having flashbacks of their childhood

  • Infinity PRO
    Infinity PRO

    You should do “anime characters talking bullshit while fighting” or “anime characters having conversations while fighting”

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan

    Itachi in a nutshell basically (you are already in his genjutsu)

  • Dani The Home Depot Employee
    Dani The Home Depot Employee


  • El Jokid
    El Jokid


  • A Person Who Exists
    A Person Who Exists

    After he said he will hold him off that run was terrifying.

  • Anturkey

    0:29 jiren be like

  • A man of culture
    A man of culture

    Him: "punch" Sound: slap He's beating that guy like he's meat

  • Voidwatcher

    What's funny is the supervillain never use that same move again after 4 episodes or after 2 seasons.

  • Just Muath
    Just Muath

    Jigen 😂😂

  • Friendy Fire
    Friendy Fire

    Even the overpowered villians can't deafeat shaggy and that's a fact

  • Jah Jah
    Jah Jah

    You. Neva get tired of watching him..😂

  • Fail or Rise
    Fail or Rise


  • JrRose

    The ending got me, he ran like he had the shadow blade in codm

    • Yousef Heisenberg
      Yousef Heisenberg

      Lolllll ye

    • dollaz


  • Paul Giovanni
    Paul Giovanni


  • Chemical sniper
    Chemical sniper

    Pov:you level one and you found the swan Easter egg in fallout 4 which is a boss fight

  • Da_real_obito

    "Don't worry I'll hold him off as long as I can......... DAYUM WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA"

  • Painting Chessboards
    Painting Chessboards

    1:15 man thought he was the main character

  • Silas T Males
    Silas T Males

    The Overpowered Villain running toward him with a sword in the is the scariest, and funniest, thing I've seen!

  • Crypto


  • Dante2056

    The way he runs in with the sword makes me think of Way of the Samurai for some reason.

  • Sean Mahoney
    Sean Mahoney

    He fightin jiren?

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello

    POV: your gojo

  • OR nation
    OR nation

    He's gojo11!! 1111

  • Rainy

    1:21 NOOOO

  • Solar System
    Solar System

    Looks like Thanos finally met TomRiddle

  • Dark King
    Dark King

    Everything go smoothly till the main character starts training for 4 seconds

  • Raymond Kuma
    Raymond Kuma

    If you don't believe in God ask for a sign

  • Diego Bello Figueroa
    Diego Bello Figueroa

    0:53 This is gold.

  • Aron

    Super villain got some i frames.

  • Joshua Toussaint
    Joshua Toussaint

    would be cool to see a game made by you

  • Luke C
    Luke C

    1:19 When you just realised that Foxy isn't in pirate cove anymore.

  • danster

    Twin Star Exorcists in a nutshell

  • Human Haker9
    Human Haker9

    Me: wins the lottery My dad coming after 15 years : 1:21

  • phantomboy

    This is basically anos voldigo he attack with he's heart beat