Animation studios when they start a new anime.
"Anime canon"

Oddwin - 19

  • Dr. Deadpool
    Dr. Deadpool

    *Studio Pierrot when they were making Tokyo Ghoul:* 0:53

  • Newsence

    Facts 🔥

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey

    Now if Only we had This Person at DC and Marvel

  • FireJacket

    “You don’t change it for the anime.” David productions changing the colors of every MC in jojo: 🗿

  • A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions
    A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions

    “Ok let’s remove the first two arcs out of the anime” Baki producers

  • f1r3 hunt3rz
    f1r3 hunt3rz

    "It's gonna be a successful anime for sure, then why not we make it better by animating it in 3DCG instead?" -Berserk 2017 anime production team

  • Wheezing in the 90's
    Wheezing in the 90's

    "Ok, let's remove the first two arcs in the manga, out of the anime." *g a*

  • Jocc’s Gaming
    Jocc’s Gaming

    Thank you for snuffing him Caleb 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • JBDuncan

    This is why I don't watch anime anymore, I read All manga now

  • chad ntm
    chad ntm

    FMA ! :)

  • Pixel

    Literally yugioh

  • TheConfusedEra

    The one time the anime is better then the manga is JJK. Or the Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki fight.

  • Philip Paul
    Philip Paul

    Promised Neverland be like

  • Reapergod36

    "Name one time where deviating from the manga resulted in a positive reaction." Full. Metal. Alchemist 2003.

  • HyperSonicXtreme

    The Promised Neverland anime in a nutshell.

  • Fatih Hanif .W
    Fatih Hanif .W

    4Kids lol

    • Fatih Hanif .W
      Fatih Hanif .W

      Well 4Kids don't really change it They just censor it and annoyingly removed scene even tho it ruined the episode

  • Vin Cor
    Vin Cor

    Dbz: we can make it better *makes 20% of the show filler*

  • CruxxiaL BTW
    CruxxiaL BTW

    Reason why tokyo ghoul died.

  • Green Witch Inc.
    Green Witch Inc.

    This is literally what Hollywood should have done with the original AvP series. The comic mini-series was pure gold.

  • Ashraful Alam
    Ashraful Alam

    Tokyo Ghoul :')

  • Otter With a dark side
    Otter With a dark side

    You either be worser than the manga or live long enough to turn into one peice

  • Kelliz P.
    Kelliz P.

    Invincible in the studio meetings be like:

    • 23 Dimensions
      23 Dimensions

      Amazon: Let’s make Amber black and mean Writers: WHY Amazon: Let’s make Invincible vs Omni Man more bloodier and sadder Writers: that actually not a bad idea

  • Yikes

    "name 1 time deviating from the manga resulted in a positive reaction" JJBA part 4 shigechi

  • Blizzmite

    Basically what happened to promised neverland

  • Adaptable

    Meanwhile, at Cartoon Network headquarters: Animator: "Sir, we just got the full rights to that show that was insanely popular. The writers sold it over." Executive: "Really? Finally! I've had so many plans to change all the story." Animator: "Wait what? But... People keep saying they loved the story sir... Well that and the art-style-" Executive: "GOOD IDEA! We need to make the art-style UGLY AS HELL! Like, literally transform the entire thing to look like the show was meant for three year old children." Animators: "GET HIM!!"

    • Ammagon

      I know like 3 shows like this on Cartoon Network lmao

  • rin

    this video is talking about mha season 5

    • Antonio Silva
      Antonio Silva

      Yeah hahahahahaha

    • Antonio Silva
      Antonio Silva


  • Rainbow Pummmkins
    Rainbow Pummmkins

    1:16 Facts! Oh and that punch one of the most satisfying things i have ever seen

  • Oneka Rodriguez
    Oneka Rodriguez

    "Name ONE TIME where deviating from the Manga resulted in a POSITIVE reaction" Black Butler: Am I a joke to you?

  • ZzimzZ

    Literally the studio that animated Tokyo Ghoul: re

  • Hexik

    The way he said we can make it better I'm dying

  • Ramen Face
    Ramen Face

    Soul eater did this drastically

  • Bird Man
    Bird Man

    This is such a weird experience, how can i simultaneously want to praise and despise the same guy right now. 10/10, 5 stars

  • Austin

    Dragon ball super in a nutshell

  • Yan Naing Linn
    Yan Naing Linn

    Literally boruto

  • iam_thereaper

    akame ga kill

  • RWord

    Like why? Marvel And DC should take notes from this video. I really dont get why they change it. Marvel DC or any other adaptatios. ITS LITERALLY COPY AND PASTE

  • _pain

    0:36 Day 8 trying to know the name of this song

  • XDiggy

    If you truly believe that Jesus is God, that Jesus died on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead three days later, acknowledge and repent of all your sins to God (but don’t just say I wanna change my sinful ways and then do nothing about it, that’s called playing the hypocrite), and trust and love God with everything you got, as your number One! Then God will save you from hell and give you the gift of eternal life with Him! And make sure to continuously live for and love God for your entire life! God DOES NOT hate you,GOD LOVES YOU and wants to SAVE YOU!!! And don’t wait to accept God either because you can die tomorrow, tonight in your sleep, or even in the next hour! And once you died and you haven’t been living for God, it’ll be too late. God loves you and He is always waiting for you to come to Him!!!!!!!

    • XDiggy

      @Spiritual Monarch “But to the Son He says: “Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom.” -Hebrews 1:8 God LITERALLY calls Jesus, God. Jesus is God in the flesh.

    • Spiritual Monarch
      Spiritual Monarch

      A man can't be god my friend!

  • Aguest One
    Aguest One

    Great job

  • Ctrl Alt Repeat
    Ctrl Alt Repeat

    “Lets add a beach episode.” “With the dogs?” “With the dogs.”

  • Cinamon_Bagel

    Tokyo Ghoul be like

  • Bang Supa
    Bang Supa

    Let's draw MC to be the most generic as possible nothing like glomy and shit

  • momo senpai
    momo senpai

    Low budget vs unlimited works

  • Erik Davis
    Erik Davis

    How did you get a behind the scenes video of the production team behind Promised Neverland season 2???

  • Prota gonist
    Prota gonist

    I don't know why this channel always have the same faces.

  • Orb_dark !?!?
    Orb_dark !?!?

    They did this to dbs


    Who else waiting for black clover season 2? Can't wait for the demon to tell asta their practically brothers 😂😂❤❤


    Oh so this why all the good anime I watch be dropping one new episode a week?😂😂

  • IDLE3yes

    This is hella Shade thrown at the promised neverland😭😭🤌💯

  • Wind The Fox
    Wind The Fox


  • alan

    JC Staff: Let's ensure the animation is worse than the manga.

    • Mineclon21 ツ
      Mineclon21 ツ

      @alan yeah but that's just One Punch Man. Their other animes are very well animated; Besides, One Punch Man's animation was bad just because it was rushed

    • alan

      @Mineclon21 ツ ONE Punch man. The animation is factually worse than the manga.

    • Mineclon21 ツ
      Mineclon21 ツ

      JC Staff animation is good tho

  • SteelSpurs111

    Taskmaster from Black Widow.

  • Barely ALIVE
    Barely ALIVE

    Let's just make the whole series a blank screen ......

  • Jotaaaro

    Cries in jojo

  • Endrad

    Sometimes the ending of an anime is better than the manga take food wars for example or from the visual novel o forgot what it called but its story regarding with time capsule

  • Jerrin M
    Jerrin M

    Dragon ball evolution

  • StarKnight 54
    StarKnight 54

    1:27 [KING CRIMSON]

  • Tsundere-2B

    The Promised Neverland has entered the chat -

  • Flores_Reign

    "Let's wait until a shitty unexperienced studio animates it first and see how it goes" ~~ RIP Berserk

    • Brendan B
      Brendan B

      " We got this super cool action movie director on board. " " Awesome. Now who do we have for animators? " " Animators? "

    • ꧁ཌ Aji Nurfajri ད꧂
      ꧁ཌ Aji Nurfajri ད꧂

      The old berserk is actually good tho.

    • HarBoterMan


  • Vorpal Sword
    Vorpal Sword

    "Uh, uhm that won't work." "YES IT WILL" The delivery got me Lmao

  • AnimeF

    Yeah it's pretty sad that komi San got an anime adaptation because u know it's about to finish

  • Nikorek_pl

    Reddit in a nutshell

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres

    "Lets remove the first two arcs out of the anime." So you wanna start in the middle?

  • MintySupreme

    Doesn't it cost 1.2 million dollars to produce a 12 episode anime

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams

    Counterpoint: FMA. Nobody will ever convince me that Brotherhood was better.

  • Just some guy without a Mustache
    Just some guy without a Mustache

    Akame ga kill in a nutshell

  • Hibari Sama
    Hibari Sama

    If Caleb was on an animation team and said "we can make it better".......I might have to hear him out

  • Russel Juntilla
    Russel Juntilla

    Well its kinda business strat, I think😂 Giving the reason for the fans to do both manga and anime because its kinda different versions but for the solid fans it will create a debate for what version is better.

  • suhib alazeeh
    suhib alazeeh

    This is what happened with the promised neverland. So sad

  • Waterman mellondog
    Waterman mellondog

    I fell like the unfoldable carried demon Slayer

  • FadeD InTruzion
    FadeD InTruzion

    “Let’s remove the first two arcs of the manga out of the anime” *Guts struggle continues*

  • part-time debiru
    part-time debiru

    Plot twist: this is the first episode of "The Greatest Journey"

  • MaxxDomination

    This is My Hero right now. They're fucking butchering the Endeavor Agency and MVA. Jesus christ.

    • Mineclon21 ツ
      Mineclon21 ツ

      For real. It is extremely confusing how they switched up the arcs as a manga reader

  • Lazerborne

    1:29 that's the viewer's and long time fans right there

  • Jake Brake RJ
    Jake Brake RJ

    The ending … *Clap * “dat*

  • Naikō Sei
    Naikō Sei

    Akame ga kill manga: (has a happy ending) Akame ga kill anime version: *We don’t do that here*

  • legendares N
    legendares N

    Funimation and Crunchroll are hiding, they are just dub btw.

  • JB Studios
    JB Studios

    I've never seen an anime that went so far off from the manga, but then again I don't read manga so I guess I wouldn't know

  • Sir games Alot
    Sir games Alot

    Or make it fucking cgi

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus

    Tokyo Ghoul animation in a nutshell

  • Nova Panda Gamer898
    Nova Panda Gamer898


  • Jake Styles
    Jake Styles

    Berserk anime in a nutshell

  • TheNengg

    thats some activision shit

  • ULTRA Rosè
    ULTRA Rosè


  • E Rice
    E Rice

    This man truly is the greatest. Able to consistently showcase the nuances of silly stuff that occurs in the media we love. He should be rich.

  • Septimus Heap
    Septimus Heap

    Legit saying what all of us who read shaman king been saying: " all they had to do was animate the shit, why the fück they fucked it up. They literally had one frickin job...🤬"

  • Noah Jahnsen
    Noah Jahnsen

    Animators switching the chronology of the Recent Arcs in My Hero Academia be like:

  • Zoe Guy
    Zoe Guy

    Let’s make 5 great seasons and when people ask for part 6 they won’t get a answer for 2 year

  • Lunchbox Limigon
    Lunchbox Limigon

    Jojo ova:

  • Zidx

    This is literally how they fuck up good anime

  • Young Simba Zeki
    Young Simba Zeki

    Fans: Just copy and paste Cuz Studios: No Fans: 😭😭😭😡😡😡😡🥺🥺🥺🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • Aria-Rose Browne
    Aria-Rose Browne

    Promised Neverland has been real quiet since this came out.

  • All Might
    All Might

    EA 0:53

  • Uzair Ahmed
    Uzair Ahmed

    Attack on titan is the only anime that needs to have its final arc changed by the studio

  • The A.D
    The A.D

    what if we... made a weirdly sexual filler.

  • Miki Junior
    Miki Junior

    Producer: Ok, we will not change anything. The fans: Thank you, we were scared for a - Producer: Alsow, it will be all CGI.

  • cheri

    I think TPN season 2 was alright

  • Tanaya Amar
    Tanaya Amar

    This is one of the major reasons why people hate Near in Death Note. They never bothered to develop his arc in the anime.

  • davey has stuffs
    davey has stuffs

    Caleb: We just need to COPY and PASTE Record of Ragnarok: aight bet