How garbage pistols were in the 18th century.
Honestly just duel with swords, no point.

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  • RandomRican

    Where can I buy that orange hat?

  • Velgance

    50 years later: dies of infection from bullet

  • Coolphantom06

    1998 cod: switching weapons is faster than reloading People in 1987:

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr

    I remember reading a story where a duel like that happened. One guy missed, the other one misfired and hurt himself and they both went home like "Yeah, we're done" xD Thank you for reminding me of that

  • Saberstriker19 -
    Saberstriker19 -

    2:31 Your younger sibling immediately after your parents beat your ass for hiting them.

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen

    The Barry Lyndon remake is looking weird

  • R

    I was expecting like some cheap ass prop just for the skit and it cut to this man holding some shit straight outta red dead redemption 2 😭had me dying

  • N. A.
    N. A.

    Don’t even get me STARTED on matchlocks!


    Fr though how they be doing that

  • Bluezebra2

    Yeah, but, you ever hear of the "Hand Cannon"

  • Bee Beau
    Bee Beau

    You forgot the huge amount of smoke due to black powder.

  • Mr poopy BUTTHOLE
    Mr poopy BUTTHOLE

    And then the nerf gun was created.

  • Yuri jia
    Yuri jia

    You both loose !!! You loose !!! NOW GET OUUT GET OUTTT GET OUTTTT


    That ICECREAM shirt is so dope! Where can I get it. Does anyone know?

  • Krystian Gawęda
    Krystian Gawęda

    Video is fake, black people didnt have guns back then ;D

  • Toyota Remington
    Toyota Remington

    nice 🤣👍

  • Salreel

    Super human interview 3

  • tobi samuel
    tobi samuel

    Who else is here after watching yaboyroshi's reaction of saga of the blessed :)

    • tobi samuel
      tobi samuel

      😂😂, but I don't type that much😅

    • Memelux

      @tobi samuel if I had a dime for every time you typed ... I'd have every hypercar on earth

    • tobi samuel
      tobi samuel

      A reaction channel...they were reacting to an anime that was based on this sort of time the end one of the reactors mentioned that caleb just did something like this.....then I figured it was him and searched...something similar happened...someone didn't die after getting shot a couple of times..😅

    • Slopshit

      Who the fuck is that

  • bunkerputt

    George Washington survived several battles with holes in his clothes and only bruising on the skin.

  • Heavenly Ascended Chicken
    Heavenly Ascended Chicken

    I like how they wana settle beef, but they become friendly when they have to reload.

  • Gov.Lee-On

    "The rules are simple : u laugh u loose!"

  • Mufaya

    " You both lose! you lose! *good day sir!* "

  • Doug

    Like you would a chimney 😂😂😂

  • Linkachus 17
    Linkachus 17

    that kinda reminds me Assassin Creed 3 (i think I forgot which Assassin Creed is)

    • Slopshit

      All assassins creed games are the fucking same so doesnt matter

  • Drei Drei
    Drei Drei

    Jesus Loves all of you guys


    Runth thy currency you present

  • OJ

    Name of the interlude beat for the 30 minute and 5 minute later transitions.

  • FR6262951

    "IS THAT YOUR BULLET?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • {SGN} Avenue
    {SGN} Avenue

    There’s a fortnite kid out there that didn’t know bloom was a thing outside of video games and that real guns have bloom

  • Jay Clout
    Jay Clout

    Bro clap my boom boom sticks together

  • Unconventional Gamer
    Unconventional Gamer

    I like how they kept asking each other for help and they just responded as if they didn’t hear each other

  • A.M.E

    "The rule is simple" Me: you laugh you lose? No?

  • Ultimate Koren
    Ultimate Koren

    mans got a whole cannon for a pistol and th other dude got a flintlock pistol bruh the unfairness tho

  • fel krosis
    fel krosis

    The part about leaving out 15 rules is so real lmao

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 IT’S THE TEN DUEL COMMANDMENTS!!

  • wassup wassup ✔️
    wassup wassup ✔️

    These guns are so bad even insta kill wouldn't help 🤣😂🤣

  • nicholas Terrell15
    nicholas Terrell15

    Is that a beat @ 1:29

  • Meagan Willis
    Meagan Willis

    Everybody else favorite part: actually funny My favorite part: “y’all ready?” “Almost”

  • Experterar

    What music is that at 1:29

  • B Campbell
    B Campbell

    When you think you found a new channel with some great content and go to sub but your ass must have been some kinda intoxicated and already subbed

  • Trenton Dick
    Trenton Dick


  • Erica Rivera
    Erica Rivera

    “We shall Indeed”😭😭😭😭

  • Epic Gamer is [REDACTED]
    Epic Gamer is [REDACTED]

    So we just dismiss the fact he owns a flint knock pistol?


    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 THE 10 DUEL COMMANDMENTS

  • Shadrach Anderson
    Shadrach Anderson

    “Y’all ready”, “almost”😂😂😂😂 nah that got me dead

  • Nikolor

    2:24 For a funny skit, this is such a cinematic shot

  • Mouad El Moujaddidi
    Mouad El Moujaddidi

    2:30 - It's the "uh-huh?" that got me 😭😭

  • Up N Up
    Up N Up

    Always remember that Jesus loves you always, if you have any questions just ask.

  • Joseph Robles
    Joseph Robles

    Lmfao the hit marker

  • Quill Quickcard
    Quill Quickcard

    Dueling with pistols, past a certain range, offered an extremely high chance of both parties being uninjured, let alone fatally wounded. Useful for the people who demanded satisfaction, but when the day came, suddenly found the prospect of staring down the barrel of a gun a bit more unpleasant.

  • ShaedTheMoron

    30 minutes lol More like an hour

  • water

    believe it or not shit like this would happen all the time then back then or both would miss and both parties would quit after having their lives flash before their lives and realizing how stupid they had been or at least one would much of the time when it did happen, and you know pretty much happened when one or both guns worked and neither missed.

  • Alot Gaming
    Alot Gaming

    Me shooting a guard in Assassin's creed 15 times to finally finish them off:

  • XDiggy

    If you truly believe that Jesus is God, that Jesus died on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead three days later, acknowledge and repent of all your sins to God (but don’t just say I wanna change my sinful ways and then do nothing about it, that’s called playing the hypocrite), and trust and love God with everything you got, as your number One! Then God will save you from hell and give you the gift of eternal life with Him! And make sure to continuously live for and love God for your entire life! God DOES NOT hate you,GOD LOVES YOU and wants to SAVE YOU!!! And don’t wait to accept God either because you can die tomorrow, tonight in your sleep, or even in the next hour! And once you died and you haven’t been living for God, it’ll be too late. God loves you and He is always waiting for you to come to Him!!!!!!!

  • Amy Clifford
    Amy Clifford

    Bro the funny thing is that there using old guns and there's 3 colored uzi's in the back of the announcer guy

  • SpiderBigTime

    That shit ain't a gun it's a bb gun

  • Skai Leew
    Skai Leew

    the fact that there were nerf guns in the background lmao

  • Disgusted Trevor
    Disgusted Trevor

    Pistols in warzone be like:

  • Illiotekk Outdoors
    Illiotekk Outdoors

    Where did he get those 3 uzis in the background??? Someone please tell me

  • _anoja31_


  • glow

    17 hundreds

  • Chad Tristan
    Chad Tristan

    no he would choke on the smoke

  • moon

    “Hey I’m here for the interview- OW! -gets shot-

  • tyuk17 Jackson
    tyuk17 Jackson

    "Hits your shots" sounds like my teammates yelling at me in Apex Legends 😂🤣

  • Jifferino

    how hamilton shouldve ended

  • Ice Wing
    Ice Wing

    "i dropped my pistol on a wet surface, imma need to get another one" why it really used to be like that back then tho makes u think tho... imagine in the future when they make fun of us for ever being concerned about getting our technology wet or something, lol

  • Amari Dawkins
    Amari Dawkins

    i see guggimon statue im the back on 0:09

  • Zenix Saxzon
    Zenix Saxzon

    The bloom on dis....

  • C̸a̸r̶t̸e̸r̶

    Bro where u get ur shirts from

  • Creepy Connor
    Creepy Connor

    Government: corporate needs you to identify these two images shows them the guns from now and 18th century NRA: They're the same image

  • Gilbert Hurtado-Miller
    Gilbert Hurtado-Miller

    "And you.....HIT YOUR SHOT!" LMFAO

  • E.Pineda

    I now realize how much red dead redemption I’ve played to have noticed purple shirt Caleb was using a sawed off shotgun in a duel….

  • The Dead Immortal
    The Dead Immortal

    Thought they were gonna make up while trying to reload bc this shit takes so long you can just sit back and think on your actions

  • The 36 Lessons
    The 36 Lessons

    It would've been more lit if people dueled with cannons imo

  • Don Martin
    Don Martin


  • TalesOfGod #
    TalesOfGod #

    All's well that ends well.

  • Ekko Vaan
    Ekko Vaan

    Ive got one problem: im pretty sure getting shot with one of those big ass balls they call bullets would leave a large circular peeping hole in your body. Remember that a major reason there was no more full head to toe plate and chain armour was that muskets were easy to use and would just blast through the armour (from my understanding)

    • Silverman

      Good plate armor can mitigate musket fire by deflecting the bullets, although you are out-of-luck if the shot hits your armor dead-on instead of at an angle. It also depends on the distance you are hit from. People mostly stopped wearing full body armor because it was too expensive compared to its relative effectiveness at the time. It suddenly went from "suit of invincibility" to "suit of semi-decent resistance". Not to mention that with the advent of guns, you suddenly had a bunch of extra heavy equipment to carry around in addition to whatever you were wearing as armor. A combination of these (and other) factors lead to militaries of the period phasing-out the use of full body armor.

  • Iyoow Abukar
    Iyoow Abukar

    Bro my guy you got Mac-10s on the shelf just use that!

  • limedime54

    a jewel to settle our rivalry

  • Bing bong Duck
    Bing bong Duck

    This is how airsoft was invented

  • DabiggestBaddestMOFO


  • JohnnyAppleW33D

    "I'm swEll"

  • TacoTurtle

    You forgot to look them in the eye and aim to higher and summer all the courage you require

  • Scotty Boi
    Scotty Boi

    I’m sorry but I got to point out, guns back then were shooting the equivalent of 50 cal bullets, that shit would’ve gone right through you

  • LordGXK

    30 minutes!🤣

  • yeee be
    yeee be

    2:21 XD THAAAAH

  • jamerson kyobe
    jamerson kyobe

    a…beef😂the way he said beef

  • Youngling Slaughterer
    Youngling Slaughterer

    Bro at 2:21 when he grabbed his chest and said "Daaahh" i was drinking water and i spat the water out my nose😂😂😂

  • Kihambo

    Training to be a Stormtrooper be like:

  • Nam Kwok
    Nam Kwok

    no wonder why swords can deflect bullets back then lol

  • Bonnalina Fuzbunny
    Bonnalina Fuzbunny

    If this is how the duel between Philip and George or Aaron and Alex would have went, it would no longer be sad

  • Mando Marc
    Mando Marc

    “Hit your shots” 😂🤣

  • 7Northwest

    Those things shot .50 cal musket balls. If it hit you there would be a hole the size of a grapefruit in your chest


    i like the uzis in the background

  • •Itz Guacamole•
    •Itz Guacamole•

    He doesnt fail to make me die

  • ᏟꫀꫀᏟꫀꫀⲊᥴꫀᥒꫀ ᏆᎢ
    ᏟꫀꫀᏟꫀꫀⲊᥴꫀᥒꫀ ᏆᎢ

    2:26 the satisfaction on his face 😂😂😂

  • TakoJaki

    Now imagine this but with stormtroopers

  • Zedian Zediessi
    Zedian Zediessi

    Note to self: Don’t try drinking water while watching Caleb vids

  • بطريق Penguin
    بطريق Penguin

    Pistols now 🌚

  • timmy G
    timmy G