When the writers REALLY want to write off a character.

  • Danny Yoroi
    Danny Yoroi

    He looks like he’s mid swinging while talking in the thumbnail

  • Carlos Frazier
    Carlos Frazier

    Plot twist: he got bit and didn’t want to be responsible for anyone dying

  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog

    So you have chosen death... but why though?

  • SummeryMira

    Writers making a character nah just have him have a mind set to die

  • Hao Lun Neo
    Hao Lun Neo

    Basically the sonic movie

  • december frost paindine
    december frost paindine

    He just wanna die

  • Concert Clown
    Concert Clown

    "Jasper's outside right now! With a COOR!"

  • William Zhao
    William Zhao

    this shist so funny gt me lmao

  • Brianna Barrett
    Brianna Barrett


  • arthur.2woo

    Fun Fact: Noah in TWD was not supposed to die

  • William HM
    William HM

    Everybody hates Chris on the walking dead

  • Knytes

    that dude was born with an extra chromosome

  • Zylo82

    Couple of seasons down the line he comes backblaming the MC and becomes the villain... Just to turn good again just to die... Again.

  • thomas zavala
    thomas zavala

    In The End He Should Have Have A Straight Shot Of The Door With A %100 Vignette And Some Resident Evil 2 Save Room Music lol

  • AB AB
    AB AB

    "We wiped all the villains clean, justice prevails!" "then I'll become the villain"

  • Drei Drei
    Drei Drei

    Jesus Loves all of you guys

  • Marshal Losàntos
    Marshal Losàntos

    Reminds me of NEJI’s pointless death.

  • The Kool Aid man
    The Kool Aid man

    Imagine this dudes neighbors when they see him run outside with a sword and in a pink hoodie and start yelling at 9pm.

  • Ethan Barlow
    Ethan Barlow

    I always hate that scene in movies/TV shows. It always feels forced and cringey.

  • Sona

    Meliodas and Ban trying to get out of Purgatory:

  • Lukson


  • ToxicG


  • Ashton Langlais
    Ashton Langlais

    the neighbors that see him running out with a sword

  • Mick man81
    Mick man81

    The walking dead be like

  • MichaeltheGod

    Yasuke ending in a nutshell

  • elricoTB

    I will live you, if you dont come

  • soyZambo

    I bet my money that He owes Jasper some grands, what people do to not pay back

  • Nuha Shaikh
    Nuha Shaikh


  • Fikri Akmal
    Fikri Akmal

    The only cure for idiocy is death

  • Kiha Akui
    Kiha Akui

    WHY?!? XD

  • Zain

    And theeeen they fucking come back at the end of the season, blaming the main character for their death, and becoming the main villain for the next season.

  • XDiggy

    If you truly believe that Jesus is God, that Jesus died on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead three days later, acknowledge and repent of all your sins to God (but don’t just say I wanna change my sinful ways and then do nothing about it, that’s called playing the hypocrite), and trust and love God with everything you got, as your number One! Then God will save you from hell and give you the gift of eternal life with Him! And make sure to continuously live for and love God for your entire life! God DOES NOT hate you,GOD LOVES YOU and wants to SAVE YOU!!! And don’t wait to accept God either because you can die tomorrow, tonight in your sleep, or even in the next hour! And once you died and you haven’t been living for God, it’ll be too late. God loves you and He is always waiting for you to come to Him!!!!!!!

  • JaeAngelo Tylor
    JaeAngelo Tylor


  • Gameboy Great
    Gameboy Great

    Is just Knock him out then drag him into the car

  • thorninjag

    Why? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bang Supa
    Bang Supa

    I hate this plot. They using it so often. It hurt my brain

  • pilsbury

    rip so many unnecessary zombie casualties :((

  • E. J.
    E. J.

    This is also what happens when the main character acheives free will

  • Super Friend
    Super Friend

    1:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Duván Andrés Solis Arrieta
    Duván Andrés Solis Arrieta

    When the writer wants to make a satire about killing character instead of just kill them.

  • Ahmed Al-Khazraji
    Ahmed Al-Khazraji

    How D&D did Game of Thrones characters season 8:

  • grant brunkal
    grant brunkal

    anyone notice how the dislike number is 690

  • XWanoYT

    The zombies didn't exist in the first place! "THEN ILL MAKE ONE"

  • Kaiser Ch.
    Kaiser Ch.

    Okay fuck it, you got me. After several months of youtube persistence to recommend his old vids to me everyday. I had enough. Subbed.

  • Kaiser Ch.
    Kaiser Ch.

    Okay fuck it, you got me. After several months of youtube persistence to recommend his old vids to me everyday. I had enough. Subbed.

  • Mariku Matin
    Mariku Matin

    Part 2 be like MC: *eyes wide open stuck, walking to the car* Josh: bro what happened where’s the homie is he safe? MC: bro I … I don’t even … bro he threw him self in there, like WHYYY!?! Josh: maybe the studio didn’t have a budget MC: *smacks lips* a budget what that have to do with him taking -- his own life????! Josh: did the zombies get in? MC:No.. Josh: the door was right behind you? MC: Yeeeeh!! and he stayed by the door!!! Josh: how was his character development, did the audience fuck with em? MC: I mean kind of, I GUESSS?! What does that have to do with him dying? Josh: yeh bro they had to take em out for plot, one less character to upgrade MC: So he died so I can train alone hmm Josh: yeeehhhhhh… so Wanna go get some pizza from Pizza Castle? MC: I’m goin back in there to save em JOSH: LOL Ight MC: *comes back* …. Wtf Josh: the door said turn tf around? MC: yeh like hoowwww? Josh: told u bro, the budget.

  • Richard K
    Richard K

    Alternative title "When the actor you hired is too expensive to re hire for another season"

    • Ghost Channel
      Ghost Channel

      Or the aforementioned actor has one shoot left before serving some time.

  • AetherRune

    Bro just wanted to fight Zombies honestly

  • LeoCiosu Music
    LeoCiosu Music

    “ They can't even get in ” Then I'll go out there..

  • LeoCiosu Music
    LeoCiosu Music

    Ohh god I hate that the most !!!!

  • Zack Nalley
    Zack Nalley

    Shit is so true

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62

    His death scream though.

  • Patrick Durham
    Patrick Durham

    I puke laughed on this one!

  • clearnerdfire

    As a writer I love this. This is so real

  • Suave Donny
    Suave Donny

    Lmao “we can’t get in”

  • Sean Arnold
    Sean Arnold

    I think the writers were actually trying to save him, but that character REALLY wanted go!!! Haha

  • Tims&Eggs

    Goku when he sacrificed himself with cell lol

  • MrFloofyPants


  • JB Studios
    JB Studios

    Killing off characters is really fun

  • LeoUltima Upgraded
    LeoUltima Upgraded

    Maybe he just wanted to die fighting a bunch of monsters.

  • VeniX ???
    VeniX ???

    Like damn Bobby we know you ain’t wanna, you killed your teammate because he ate an extra can of soup

  • Jayy G
    Jayy G

    Dis reminds me of the walking dead 🤣

  • Spark Divine
    Spark Divine


  • William Åkerlund
    William Åkerlund

    Every sidecharacter in horror games

  • The Joestar Fan
    The Joestar Fan

    Imagine being his neighbours seeing him rush out the front door with a katana screaming

  • Shigekisun

    They are gonna find him dead later and realize he killed all the enemies and then killed himself

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin


  • MercifulFather

    That "why!" In the end make sure that the characters aren't aware of themselves as anime characters.

  • StrangeStark

    Why does the zombies sound like diarrhoea..but vedio is lit

  • OrontesRM

    AKA when you know a character is going to die at least 5 minutes before they die

  • Deconster 45
    Deconster 45

    And he make suprise return in second part 😂

  • Olah pappy
    Olah pappy

    So true

  • Wolfgod 64
    Wolfgod 64

    I guess he just REALLY wanted to kill some zombies.

  • Shae Murray
    Shae Murray

    Sooo, The Walking Dead?

  • Slick L
    Slick L

    I'd love to see him write and direct a whole Zombie parody movie

  • Sala Ali
    Sala Ali

    “They can’t even get in, come on!” “Then I’ll go out there.” “WAI?” 😆

  • Erik dos Santos
    Erik dos Santos

    Neji dying by a wooden stake

  • Stephanie Gavin
    Stephanie Gavin

    Bruh this is basically any horror game, especially when the monster you running from is moving as slow as a damn snail.

  • Poptart

    Literally EVERY time

  • Might Guy
    Might Guy

    wait a second, wasnt the door locked on both locks. How did he get outside without unlocking either of them

  • Unus Annus Follower
    Unus Annus Follower

    I need to meme that face at the end there

  • awsomespecs

    Was that the netflix sound effect?

  • TheStapleGunKid

    This is exactly how they killed off Benjen Stark in Game of Thrones. Benjen: "Ride for the Pass" Jon: "Come with me" Benjen: "There's no time." Jon: "Uhhh I'm pretty sure there is." Benjen: "Go!" Jon: "No seriously, the Wights are like at least 50 yards behind us, all you need to do is climb on the horse with me. That takes like half a second." Benjen: "Just go!" Jon: "Oh come on, you can just climb on the damn thing. Nothing is stopping you!" "Benjen: "I'll hold them off" Jon: "You really don't need to, the horse will outrun them regardless of what you do."

  • Fatima Sow
    Fatima Sow

    They should really add this to the game Dumb Ways to Die

  • SwagDog


  • Moist nugget
    Moist nugget

    The walking dead in a minute and a half

  • Christopher Young La
    Christopher Young La

    AND now the door is unlocked. Guess he was one of those cancer causing extra too ;;

  • Mokongthe3

    It'd be like that tho. Reading a bunch of manga, I just don't understand their logic.

  • Pablo César
    Pablo César

    That happen when the black character has to die.

  • Chikwanda Mwamba🦍🔥
    Chikwanda Mwamba🦍🔥

    This guy's a genius 😂😂😂💀

  • Braxton Barrett
    Braxton Barrett

    The walking dead

  • Reddit Culous
    Reddit Culous

    😂😂😂oh dear

  • Milk Justice
    Milk Justice

    "I just really want to play this new character that I wrote up"

  • Shu M
    Shu M

    That screamin' wasn't about the zombies eating him it was about the neighbors where strangling him to death cuz of his screaming at night 😂😂😂

  • ΛCΞ ÐЯΛMΛ ḅëäẗṡ
    ΛCΞ ÐЯΛMΛ ḅëäẗṡ

    "He got the 4 door sedan" 🤣🤣

  • Santino Espinoza
    Santino Espinoza

    1 word per reply sentence go:

  • The Browns Family Fun!
    The Browns Family Fun!

    So true

  • Mwende Kimeu
    Mwende Kimeu


  • Arun Loves cheese
    Arun Loves cheese

    Welcome to The Walking Dead

  • Jim Swan
    Jim Swan

    0:43 the way he says car made me lose it omg