A DEVOUR ad, but it's ACTUALLY a sketch
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Yes I made a Commercial LOL

Melodic - King Kaiyo
Oddwin - 19

  • CalebCity

    So I made a whole commercial 😂 😂 😂 😂

    • Jayden Roach
      Jayden Roach

      Nice commercial

    • Ammar Salim
      Ammar Salim


    • al_3mri


    • Danny Yoroi
      Danny Yoroi

      I hope this was an actual ad

    • Theresa Kim
      Theresa Kim

      You did amazing!

  • Chappo Jr.
    Chappo Jr.

    do more ads or imma have to slide you

  • Chappo Jr.
    Chappo Jr.

    i literally just ate some creamy ass mac and cheese while watching this video for the first time except i put tuna in it

  • Jehyun Lee
    Jehyun Lee

    smooth as f***

  • Jus_DropJai

    “Straight outa the freezer baby” 😂

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62

    DEVOUR: "Straight out of the freezer baby!"

  • tea kettle
    tea kettle

    I watch this video every time I eat one of their frozen meals, idk it’s like a part of the ritual

  • Azharul Tambir
    Azharul Tambir

    2:20 I was screaming with him 😂😂

  • OfficialKWYT :D
    OfficialKWYT :D

    I love how the intensity just increases as the video goes on.

  • evad_ _1131
    evad_ _1131

    Im not gonna lie devours pretty good

  • Master Eve
    Master Eve


  • Supreme Gunter
    Supreme Gunter

    impressed he knew what food he ate though just by his left hand

  • Jhillen Jr
    Jhillen Jr


  • opal tree
    opal tree

    Right out the freezer baby 😂

  • ChickenIsFried

    I was in the grocery store and saw this in the Frozen section and it reminded me of this video so I decided to buy a couple boxes.

  • Nelsonsxs

    Not gonna lie. That was really creative xD

  • Kenny

    The dislikes are from DEVOUR’s competition

  • Demarcus Banks
    Demarcus Banks

    just heard a one piece refrence ayoooo

  • Titan Legend
    Titan Legend


  • Darren Walles
    Darren Walles

    Damn I’m hungry now

  • -.-

    Dude I want that now. You are great bud, give some back to the local communities once you're comfortable because you're so talented that you'll have too much. Never forget the people struggling. People like you can be a hero.

  • BurpleNurple

    CalebCity and InternetHistorian are the only ones that do sponsor ads right

  • Jun DOOM
    Jun DOOM

    who else thought this was devour the game ?

  • Rqyshqwn In Disguise
    Rqyshqwn In Disguise

    best ad ever

  • FFDownfall

    I thought this was about the horror game

  • Hegatin Ekul
    Hegatin Ekul

    2:08 when something good happens

  • Andre Engbers
    Andre Engbers

    best add I've ever seen!

  • Tavon Lake
    Tavon Lake

    Effective advertising I actually bought some

  • Ahmad Aziz
    Ahmad Aziz

    How could he see what he ate if it was in Black and White

  • Shawn SQ Zhang
    Shawn SQ Zhang

    If ads were like this and the Old Spice one... Yeah, I wouldn't skip it.

  • Mr. SlapaTitty
    Mr. SlapaTitty

    So I was walking in the frozen Isle section and I saw devour and thought bout this vid. Bought sum. Shit slapped

  • LemonToast

    bro even his SPONSORSHIPS are funny

  • M3G4 T3RR4
    M3G4 T3RR4

    I like how the psychic isn’t even mad that he was wrong but is instead mad saying that the food is too delicious to be a microwaveable

  • Kirk's Hope
    Kirk's Hope

    10% like ratio on an ad!? God damn that some good marketing

  • Cuda

    Can we talk about how that is not bacon, its ham

  • Big Fig
    Big Fig

    Ohh, I thought it was a makeup company and was said devóre

  • Laugh At Life Tv
    Laugh At Life Tv

    The cool shit about this is you make people actually wanna watch commercials lol congrats man on all your success keep it upG!!

  • tokageki

    The microwave scene at the end was perfect. I dunno why, but it made it feel like a conventional tv commercial.

  • ghulam butt
    ghulam butt

    He literally said that it was an ad, in the title. Everyone still clicked. That's how you know he's talanted.

  • My comment be like:
    My comment be like:

    This is how they are supposed to make all the commercials on TV

  • James Elliott
    James Elliott

    Caleb... just. What. The. Actual. F-😂

  • Seung Hoon
    Seung Hoon

    This is the kind of ad that I don't skip.

  • Dallen Eldredge
    Dallen Eldredge

    Here's my favorite frozen food commercial. svsoft.info/award/fI3LeHml09Ok0pM/video.html

    • n00b


  • Naygoats

    That’s a bloody good ad I want some of that now

  • Heero Yuy
    Heero Yuy

    Caleb has always been funny. However. Tv dinners are trash.

  • o

    Devour mac and cheese is actually really good.

  • Jaiden Williams
    Jaiden Williams

    I’m sold what store is it at

  • 9aracna TM
    9aracna TM


  • HRKmonty

    The alchemist reference 😂

  • Axel Dobbins
    Axel Dobbins

    SVsoftrs who have sponsors: take notes! (I don’t need to take notes because my channel is too small anyways lol)

  • Jon Loc Frost
    Jon Loc Frost

    Buffalo Mac & Cheese

  • Jonathan Echternach
    Jonathan Echternach

    Where is the lie? Lol

  • LaniOfHouseJones

    Dude! If every ad was like this, I'd never miss one!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Divine Shrek
    Divine Shrek

    Is he a fraud though? He got the meal correct. 😂

  • Taeko Chan
    Taeko Chan

    I love it so much!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elalex _489
    Elalex _489

    This really makes me want a devour product

  • Cindy Kakanou
    Cindy Kakanou

    These are ads are worth watching

  • wittock7

    aye devour is really good tho!

  • Knight Artorias
    Knight Artorias

    If you want to hear the gospel, press read more..... Jesus died for our sins, he suffered and did nothing wrong. A crown of thorns was dug into his skull, was whipped 39 times, then was forced to carry a giant wooden cross up a hill. Then finally, was crucified and suffered the full wrath if God, he rose once more three days later. Believe this, and you will inherit eternal life.

  • TheOutdatedMeme

    I like how at the end they both arguing about who's a fraud or not

  • Splitvessle

    not me actually wanting to buy some now

  • CalledByGod Tribe of Judah
    CalledByGod Tribe of Judah

    This dude got me with an ad???!!!!😅😅😅😅😅😅😝😝🔥🔥 That was fire!!

  • Tay'Shawn Cambrone Ortega
    Tay'Shawn Cambrone Ortega


  • Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb

    Your promotions actually work and want me to buy shit

  • The Irish Night
    The Irish Night


  • Joey Murthil
    Joey Murthil

    wait its official now???????

  • Wiiblii

    This should be an actual commercial

  • Clouded Out
    Clouded Out

    Ay this stuff mad good to

  • Mr nobody!
    Mr nobody!


  • Comedian


  • Zipiple


  • Chris Daley
    Chris Daley

    Devor makes some bomb frozen food. Def recommend the pulled chicken bowl

  • Masta clappa
    Masta clappa

    Best ad ever

  • obakeng chilinde
    obakeng chilinde

    This id great writing. It needs more views

  • Anthony Jenkins
    Anthony Jenkins

    Me eating it while watching this ad.

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62

    That is how you make an ad. People of the world, take notes.

  • RoyalHindAss

    I actually got some of the stuff and it’s pretty good ngl

  • SP Mask
    SP Mask

    Damn you, Caleb! Because of this ad, I had to try it and it was so freaking good!

  • Collin Near
    Collin Near

    this really made me hungry ima go get this after this valorant game

  • Gamer Dallas
    Gamer Dallas

    5 months ago

  • jadeless

    You made this whole ass commercial and didn't even use the Buffalo chicken mac?! Shame.

  • Jay Reborn
    Jay Reborn

    I’m actually gonna get devour now omg 😂😂

  • Keith Larkin
    Keith Larkin

    PSA: Devour is Kraft Mac n a cheese

  • Zak A
    Zak A

    Brilliant idea for an ad!

  • sonic2batt

    You missed the opportunity to say "It's gone! I'm not sure what it was, You devoured it so quickly" 😂

  • LaRon Taylor
    LaRon Taylor


  • kevin nguyen
    kevin nguyen

    Funny, because I'm actually watching this while eating some Devour macaroni, I'm not even joking

  • Emerald_a_op

    I mean all jokes aside this shit is pretty good.

  • Kaaarm

    >Implying that a microwave isn't a master chef

  • Cambity

    i got it and its great, thanks caleb

  • dinodon donny
    dinodon donny

    I feel like the psychic only got it wrong on a technicality

  • Dz 6
    Dz 6

    Am I the only one who sometimes think those hairs on his chin looks like a Bunch of pubic hairs

  • g jenen
    g jenen

    I want these type of food/snack in india 🥺😭😭😭😭

  • jo show
    jo show

    Not gonna lie I would die for one of these after your video

  • superduperjoi

    Here after the old spice commercial

  • Mat Johnson
    Mat Johnson

    This is the best ad I have ever seen.

  • The homie Mauro
    The homie Mauro

    I love devour but this shit was funny 😂😂😂

  • Bravo 6
    Bravo 6

    Bruh, this is how advertising should be. Gonna cop some of this shit next store trip

  • Vulnresati

    I love this one

  • sophia

    I forgot i was watching an advert for a second oh crap-