I hate the "I am not a robot" verification.
I can literally do these test correctly , they just HATE me.
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Music -
Melodic - King Kaiyo
19 - Oddwin

  • Snaggysplash 045
    Snaggysplash 045

    This just goes to show how much trust issues people can get with robots

  • Ketch Deweese
    Ketch Deweese

    I was genuinely expecting some sort of existential crisis, where he ponders whether he actually is a robot. i.e. Loki episode 1 🤣

  • Boogie-Woogie

    Isn’t it funny that bots are testing our humanity

  • Oikawa Senpai
    Oikawa Senpai

    1:57 horrifying

  • Legotronforce

    Me too man

  • Suzuku

    "i am not robot pop out to verify your humanity" "you get the wrong answer over and over" : Maybe i am a robot

  • FoxxKay Dean
    FoxxKay Dean

    Yo it's giffy on the phone

  • iNehal

    Snipes be like

  • Dalyn's iPhone 11
    Dalyn's iPhone 11

    This is how I felt when I downloaded steam😂

  • ꧁tofu chan꧂
    ꧁tofu chan꧂

    legends say caleb practice all types of math,science,reading,ect til this day to try again and define his humanity.

  • Jimmy Nuttron
    Jimmy Nuttron

    Music from 3:14-4:30 slaps so hard, I've searched for almost a year now and cannot find it. Can I get some help?

    • Jonnie


    • Jonnie

      Got you brother. The song is Lavish Lullaby by Masego.

  • J P
    J P

    I kept waiting for the voice on the phone to be a robot, cause I can't tell half the time I get a call.

  • Moderateleaf

    So fuuny man

  • Seliris

    Youre shirt is very triggering.

  • Gul Eyy
    Gul Eyy

    Bruh I hate those it’s literally just one of those thing which google has like if google is scamming us

  • Sukabashi

    Ngl i hate these verifications but one time i got a glitch like 5 years were everytime i had to do it. It would auto complete it. Though the glitch went away like 1-2 years ago i miss the glitch😭

  • Lucky Lefty
    Lucky Lefty

    I'm Human pleeeeeease 🤣🤣🤣

  • goose

    Damn scalpers

  • SpaceW0lf equals content
    SpaceW0lf equals content

    school:this is why we teach you maths him:no school:bot verifaction should add maths bot verification:

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali

    POV: Your trying to buy the ps5 on launch.

  • 1786 Aashutosh
    1786 Aashutosh

    "It's trying to verify my humanity man!!!".😂😂😂

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson

    For anyone needing to solve using the quadratic equation, or anything.... Mathway.com You're welcome. 😏

  • Cute Fatal
    Cute Fatal

    Fun fact: A robot passed the im not a robot verification

  • Mel2Way

    “IT tryna answer my humanity man”

  • Alenique Davis
    Alenique Davis

    Do have any idea how to apply rocket science Jermaine Nope Me either brother 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic

    Funny how they’re giving mathematical problems that BOTS should be able to solve in just milliseconds.

  • Hyper Sonic
    Hyper Sonic

    The perfect reenactment of the launch of the PS5.

  • Akiman Barwa
    Akiman Barwa

    I got mine tho...whoooo glad I didn't have to go thru that lmfao

  • Ring Master
    Ring Master


  • Alex Raphael
    Alex Raphael

    that logic beat was ready to drop...

  • Neko

    I hate those verifications, I JUST WANT MY FREE BOBUX

  • Aether Supremacy
    Aether Supremacy

    I always find this easy

  • SwiVoo Swizin
    SwiVoo Swizin

    Yoh where the genius comments answering all those rocket science questions

  • Leo Holdiman
    Leo Holdiman

    it's 2021 and we need this

  • Devin Snow
    Devin Snow

    Does this mean that if you pass it then you smarter than a robot

  • Kevin Ryder
    Kevin Ryder

    Same thing happened to me when my steam account was hacked it took me a whole hour to complete the verification

  • Uzzyxd

    Same I hate it’s guts

  • Don Jour
    Don Jour

    "As soon as I got mine I tried to re-que" 🧢

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown


  • Isaac Odimayo
    Isaac Odimayo


  • Exotic Glxtchy
    Exotic Glxtchy

    NOW I know why our math teacher said we will use this in real life

  • Nicholas Pratt
    Nicholas Pratt

    Most ReCaptchas require exactly 4 squares. They have 3 good squares then you can pick any 4th square. They pretty much all work like that. The pick the square is my favorite. I hate those ones that keep poppin up with new ones

  • mushy

    This is so accurate for sneaker heads

  • Harry Roberts
    Harry Roberts

    When the reCAPTCHA tests are actually made for robots

  • Adi Hakimi
    Adi Hakimi

    "im glad im aint gonna do that though"

  • • 5 seconds ago • 15 years ago
    • 5 seconds ago • 15 years ago

    Sometimes the verification isn't fair, they be giving other people short & simple questions and you got the most confusing questions with a sudden lag.

  • N V
    N V

    So technically he is a robot now

  • Dallas Alexis
    Dallas Alexis

    I can’t find the music for 3:15, can someone help

    • Dallas Alexis
      Dallas Alexis

      @Jonnie bro you a real one

    • Jonnie


    • Jonnie

      The only thing is that he slowed the song

    • Jonnie

      Got you hommie, the song is Lavish Lullaby by Masego

  • Lalla- Rookh Sky
    Lalla- Rookh Sky

    Revelations ch 3

  • UnKnown

    so this is what the teachers are preparing us for

  • Moon Memento
    Moon Memento

    how is a robot going to verify my humanity tho

  • Joe GodhandMISHIMA
    Joe GodhandMISHIMA

    Me trying to get the Metroid dread special edition

  • Cool gamer331
    Cool gamer331

    The ultimate test

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer

    Is that the motherf***ing string theory equation?!

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator

    Who the fuck uses that ringtone anymore?

  • deer armadillo
    deer armadillo

    All these squares make a circle

  • Zaridus

    me trying to get technoblade's youtooz

  • Whiterose Bloodmoon
    Whiterose Bloodmoon

    Bro y’all really be struggling over this

  • Memanoid

    Speedruning getting shoes


    Show Love beat at the end lol

  • empty mind
    empty mind

    what is the name of the song that played on 03:14

    • Jonnie


    • Jonnie

      Lavish Lullaby by Masego

    • Super Clorox
      Super Clorox

      Let me know when you find it

  • FriskTheFallen

    it do be like that tho, captcha so dumb lol

  • Griffin Haunts
    Griffin Haunts

    2:00 as if robots can't do math

  • Saumya Vikash
    Saumya Vikash

    Please tell me the name of the music playing while you were talking about The Everyday Airpods ...

  • Game Professional
    Game Professional

    People trying to buy graphics cards: First time?

  • Andrew Mihovich
    Andrew Mihovich

    I have typed too fast and made the machine question if I was human. I have also... "I don't know what's after this, bro."

  • Soham Rakhunde
    Soham Rakhunde

    2:05 the answer is the last option 2:42 option b is the answer Now yall can get the shoes too :)

  • Mccann Antonette
    Mccann Antonette

    The misty geology firstly last because condition endogenously smash per a fluffy quarter. minor, curvy syrup

  • Brandt Blaze
    Brandt Blaze

    Bruh I got the quadratic formula stuck in my head thanks to that stupid song my math teacher showed us. X equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4ac all over 2a

  • Burnerlover

    You can’t solve one of them really

  • Andrew Santiago
    Andrew Santiago

    Anybody get 166.667 m/s for the answer so B?

  • Khodi Britton
    Khodi Britton

    Plot twist: You were supposed to fail the math-related questions because no human could get that crap right first try.

  • Fatima Noor
    Fatima Noor

    🤣🤣🤣🤣I hate quadratic formulas

  • Mwende Kimeu
    Mwende Kimeu

    😂😂😂he about to cry

  • Luigi Di San Pietro
    Luigi Di San Pietro

    Me in 2022: **Calls 911** 911: Are you not a Robot?

  • Dan Sedor
    Dan Sedor

    I tried this and I personally think that the person who set up the I am not a robot was trying to cram AP geometry by the answers that I gave

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Oh I just came up with a buzzfeed article from this. "Captchas are racist" they would be considered racist because they what to verify you are human and asking a black person to verify they are human is racist. That's not my opinion but it would make a good buzz feed article or babylon bee article.



  • Rohan

    Tbh this is amazing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • ghosty

    cr bots when trying to run cr

  • Blizzard

    Plot twist: His friend hacked recaptcha, and programmed those questions into it.

  • gamergodofjustice

    If you got the math problem right then it knows your a robot and blocks you.

  • Quality Zero
    Quality Zero

    Imagine not knowing how to verify

  • Generic Mayo
    Generic Mayo

    Plot twist: his friend actually bought 2 but pretended not to and gives it to caleb

  • Mhdhdh Nbdvdh
    Mhdhdh Nbdvdh

    Lol me trying to get a ps5

  • Bastille Francois
    Bastille Francois

    Dang bro that's crazy

  • Scott Dassler
    Scott Dassler

    It reminds me of the ps5 release

  • Monsterverse

    I fcking hate the Google verification. If only I can tell google about this 😡😡😡😡

  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    I’m human!! That’s what a robot who’s pretending to be human would say

  • Kevin KDSBest
    Kevin KDSBest

    Solve using the quadratic formula... Picking the wrong one, will verify humanity in an instant!

  • Leariem Gould
    Leariem Gould

    Lolz 🤣🤣🤣

  • LizardoiL

    This isn't an exaggeration.

  • Jacob Olsen
    Jacob Olsen

    Clueless people: its only 10 minutes LITERALLY EVERYONE WHO CAN RELATE: these things can sell out in like a minute so if someone told me it was 10 minutes passed i wouldnt even try

  • Kanishka Ravindranath
    Kanishka Ravindranath

    Please make more videos quickly. I am running out of your videos.

  • Rezaur Rahman
    Rezaur Rahman

    "I've got mine tho, i got it☹️"

  • Jamaine B
    Jamaine B

    Sounded like he was sayin my name ^Read My YT name

  • BluDrgn Gamer
    BluDrgn Gamer

    This video shows why everybody should get a robot to do the I'm not a robot test for them.

  • b bof
    b bof

    captcha is dumb verifying is a pure pain in the ass

  • ImmortalBecoming

    Shoes? Lol

  • Frank Unwin
    Frank Unwin

    I'm supprised those aren't the sort of things that robots would solve.