In a Zombie apocalypse...
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Against actual zombies I'm scrapping 😤

àlune - Organic
Oddwin - 19

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    Was thinking the exact same thing. If you can't convince em, just tell em bout how awesome fighting zombies would be.

  • ᴘʏʀᴇ

    If the zombie outbreak happens you already know people are gonna make a game out of getting the coolest kills

  • Sarah Lo
    Sarah Lo

    Me af

  • Josh Catindig
    Josh Catindig



    Yo. I meaaaannnn. Shit . I guess its better to just die and move on

  • N-Plex Xocs
    N-Plex Xocs

    Facts.true facts

  • Jayden Vang
    Jayden Vang

    The beast sweater

  • Twurtle

    Just realized he was wearing beast merch

  • Ahmad Plays
    Ahmad Plays

    In fact if he was interested in surviving he would live in a house he has water food no bears and stuff trying to eat him


    Minecraft players : *sleeping intensifies*

  • Kumar Navneet X 'B'
    Kumar Navneet X 'B'

    beast merch

  • Blue the king ✓
    Blue the king ✓

    No one: Litterly no one: calub city wearing Mr beast merch.

  • Camara McCoy
    Camara McCoy

    You can have a car and grab some water I mean it doesn't go anywhere it is still there like go make a safe haven somewhere pick some people who died then take there house with beds and a bathroom I mean this dude just interesting in fighting zombies

  • Soufiane Houir
    Soufiane Houir

    Mr best's merch 。◕‿◕。

  • MAK3X7

    logically, if you can't cure them kill them.... this is only for the context of zombies. DO NOT TAKE THIS OUT OF CONTEXT!!!

  • Jai Prakash Nagesh
    Jai Prakash Nagesh

    he is wearing beast merch



  • Omid Zamani
    Omid Zamani

    That beast merch be fire thi

  • lol lol
    lol lol

    man got the mr beast drip

  • Ho_Ho_

    America would wipe every zombie in a day💀

  • salad senpai
    salad senpai

    2:34 Caleb did that Tiktok guy face first

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    I just think it be cool to fight zombies. Lol

  • Railgun

    This is literally what I always thought about an apocalypse. Whether it be zombies or another cause. Fighting every single day just to survive until tomorrow is by no means hopeful. Its just suffering and stress without any possibility of a better future. Just death literally everywhere.

  • MVP Yayo
    MVP Yayo

    I think you made this video only cuz your water was messed up 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Caleb Rogers
    Caleb Rogers

    Hol up, why your water dirty?

  • Aura

    Don’t worry bro I got a water purifier

  • Kxnny_YvngSavage YT
    Kxnny_YvngSavage YT

    I actually want to fight zombies

  • 𝙋𝙔𝙍𝙊  ▽△
    𝙋𝙔𝙍𝙊 ▽△

    He’s literally lying down in the living room

  • KingZombie

    If we're talking dying light logic running water, toilets, beds and vehicles are things! And you can still fight zombies!

  • KingZombie

    If we're talking dying light logic running water, toilets, beds and vehicles are things! And you can still fight zombies!

  • Marco Trindade MZ
    Marco Trindade MZ

    Just like COD style.

  • Brickabang

    “Teacher, A horde of zombies broke into my house and they brutality murdered my entire family and I nearly died when getting here” “Well that’s still not an excuse to not do your homework”

  • Dewg

    Its true we really just wanna fight zombies

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan

    Mr best merch

  • Andrew

    Ay my guy got the beast drip on

  • Kylie Davis
    Kylie Davis

    MAN, CMON, MAN! ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT A LIST OF THINGS YOU CAN'T DO IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!? Bro, I'm listing off things we had at *6th-grade camp.* 2:14

  • Diego Torres
    Diego Torres

    Honestly if there was no hope for us surviving a zombie apocalypse other than killing all of them it's better to die quick than brutally by zombies if you know what I mean.

    • Diego Torres
      Diego Torres

      @markedhayden7 I always thought of being one but was scared I would fail.

    • markedhayden7

      Be a youtuber you will do great!

    • markedhayden7


  • twill theboss
    twill theboss

    When they said this disease in fact cannot be cured the dude laying down was looking like he felt real accomplished

  • JakesterGD

    0:35 "you cannot rest now, there are monsters nearby"

  • Seafood Lovers Delight
    Seafood Lovers Delight

    I died right here because of that sound meme 2:28

  • Arcnologia

    His hoodie is clean as fuck

  • 50 years ago
    50 years ago

    Bruh…..he is wearing a mr beast Merch l

  • Wolfy World
    Wolfy World

    Are we not gonna talk about how this dude got some beast merch

  • Matt Bailz
    Matt Bailz

    I will definitely die after fighting zombies for a lil bit. I have no back up plan, fight until I die. It won’t last long.

  • dudethatlovessongs

    3:29, bruh

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Lmao first time I hear Caleb says Nigga.

  • AD Hightower
    AD Hightower

    Walking Dead zombies? I wanna fight. Train to Busan/Left Dead Zombies? I'm sleeping.

  • JOYBOY 007
    JOYBOY 007

    The beast hoodie

  • BlueEyesWhiteJoe W. Bush
    BlueEyesWhiteJoe W. Bush

    I love how he just lays on the ground

  • nazim sakhri
    nazim sakhri

    Man you are a goat lmo 😂😂😂 keep up the clean work

  • Myotic Tesseract
    Myotic Tesseract

    "So, what's your power?" "braiiiiins" "Bra-brains? What, like, mind reading? Mind control? Bra-you got a big brain?" "braiiiiins" "Oh shit wait you're an actual zombie" "..." "GET OUUUUUUUUUUT"

  • Truce Music
    Truce Music

    just noticed the beast merch nice lmao

  • wiblr

    man if this was an actual movie i'd actually watch it

  • Opps Sppo
    Opps Sppo

    Fighting for survival is when you feel the most alive

    • Opps Sppo
      Opps Sppo

      @Squeeky Squid Maybe to you, but when the natives were given land to farm they rented it because it did not give the the same thrill and freedom as the thrill of the hunt.

    • Squeeky Squid
      Squeeky Squid

      Doing that constantly ain't living. At least by my standards.

  • Zero Cat
    Zero Cat

    Why you should keep plants in your house:

  • ashfire leviosa
    ashfire leviosa

    Is that beast merch

  • Twisty

    I don't think the zombies would last long considering how many people want to fight them.

  • Specialism

    I always thought about how much life would change and how many things wouldn't be accessible

  • CCReddino

    That is so true It’s only cool that you get to fight zombies

  • Aruia tanga
    Aruia tanga

    Tip for if it really does happen: stock up on plastic water bottle packages and use high ground as your advantage and hunt for food. Train for it cause u knever realy know when this will happen . Stock up things like: wood, guns, food, oil, petrol, tools and vehicles and people.

    • Aruia tanga
      Aruia tanga

      Never really said it would

    • Commissar Purity
      Commissar Purity

      It won't happen

  • Aruia tanga
    Aruia tanga

    Zombie apocalypse: screaming yelling dieng eating. Me: just seeing all the teachers who gave me way too much home work die.


    I love the fact that his wearing a MrBeast shirt


    Tbh this/he kinda reminds me of Hardstoplucas

  • Zenopvp

    Ending caught me off guard 😂

  • Nemesis Alex
    Nemesis Alex

    Filtering water is actually really easy to do (all you need is to make a filter with layers of Coal/activated carbon, sponge, sand, sponge in that order iirc. Soap can also be made and would be one of the few things that would not be looted immediately in a crisis. Hot water? ever heard of fire? Heat that shit yourself, I used to do that when I was a kid. Vehicles? There's tons of them outside (probably with the keys in the ignition) ready to be looted for parts and gas, all we need is an open road. Toilet paper would also be easily accessible and toilets don't really matter if you're on the run. Food would be easy to loot in the few days after the crisis began, most cars outside are probably packing some munchies even if the stores are empty, stock that shit up in the cold (use portable freezers or an ice cream truck) and start planning your rations and how long it'll take to find a safe location and start a farm. Grab a survival guide from the local library on the way out

  • Mukona NK
    Mukona NK

    I like the beast hoodie

  • Fazil Fazil
    Fazil Fazil

    Bro he is wearing mrbeast merch

  • Egg

    “In fact I think there are..” “Oh shoot.” “WAAHAAEWA, ZWOMBWIES.” “WAAAAH-“ “.. internet’s out.”

  • Kai Harmon
    Kai Harmon

    i dint think this is very relevant but his carpet looks so soft

  • Squirrel 1000
    Squirrel 1000

    beast merch pog

  • g wakefield
    g wakefield

    Covid-19 be like

  • Josiah Crayton
    Josiah Crayton

    Alternate Title: If recruiting people in a zombie apocalypse was more realistic.

  • Matthew Gaming
    Matthew Gaming

    Caleb reminds me of Berleezy

  • SuperMario49

    2:45 the fear-mongering news networks when the pandemic began

  • Freedom Strength
    Freedom Strength


  • R. T.
    R. T.

    LMAO SO TRUE THOUGH! If he would've just led with "Ay yo let's go bust some zombie heads!" Would've saved three minutes for more zombie bashing.

  • jorge torres
    jorge torres

    Ehh one of his weaker skits honestly

  • Cannon Mags
    Cannon Mags

    Is anyone going to talk about how my man was chilling with his door unlocked?

    • Jester Jingles
      Jester Jingles

      you know the homie prolly got his own key if he's the first person he tried to recruit-

  • Anthony Pizzi
    Anthony Pizzi

    Genuinely welcome a zombie apocalypse. Survival of the fittest just seems intriguing.

  • Silverwolf 777
    Silverwolf 777

    Seriously though the last point was the best Fight zombies

  • Helovesjuice999

    This is so entertaining favorite one

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat

    0:53 he slowly realised

  • xoNae

    W vid Ong

  • Just Some Guy without a Life
    Just Some Guy without a Life

    Your 6th grade camp has warm water!?!

  • Angelina Saechao
    Angelina Saechao

    I know this was 5 months ago but can we please make this a series? I'd love to see an episode where they raid the stores, this should be a youtube show

  • Roulx Kaard
    Roulx Kaard

    The good shit this is

  • Necro Neko
    Necro Neko

    This guy has just been waiting for the chance to go on a murderous rampage.

  • Dhruv Patil
    Dhruv Patil

    Talk no jutsu!

  • TitaniumSB

    I would probably be like the character in the orange hoodie, until someone mentions fighting zombies, then I'm all for it

  • Jeremia

    I like to imagine these two are the same guys from the quick save video.

  • saiyandillon

    Yo boy is wearing beast merch

  • Pro Pranit
    Pro Pranit

    Beast merch

  • redion the gamer
    redion the gamer

    The Mr beast merch is fire

  • Walker Robinson
    Walker Robinson

    A zombie apocalypse you say? Nah thats mass weapons testing. Finally practice all those sword moves, and put the guns to the test 🤣

  • haya mariyam
    haya mariyam

    this vid has 4 million views,he has 4 million subs and this video is 4 minutes long . PERFECTION!

  • Team_ Ghost
    Team_ Ghost

    Mr beast should watch this to see you wearing the merchandise

  • Jennifer Woodard
    Jennifer Woodard

    He went to camp. Lucky

  • cassp3r ツ
    cassp3r ツ

    wAiT yOu DonT?

  • SannicFann 333
    SannicFann 333

    considering how slow a zombie is and how decayed their body's killing one would be so sweat in fact if Zombies ever were real we would likely kill them all before an apocalypse would even start

  • The Man Of God
    The Man Of God

    "....SOAP...." 🤣🤣🤣🤣