Games that have TRASH camera controls.
I literally played a game one time where the camera just left my character... just left him... how was I supposed to fight? HOW?

Oh yea I Twitch stream now yall, its @CalebCity of course.

Oddwin - 19

  • UsagiTea Studios
    UsagiTea Studios

    Me playing natural disaster In Roblox

  • Jonny Fairlamb
    Jonny Fairlamb

    Resident evil 1 on ps1 made me never want to ever play a resident evil game again

  • Mr. Fish
    Mr. Fish

    0:14 the fact that it actually happened to me makes it even funnier *insert dumb emoji here*

  • Kakashi Sensei
    Kakashi Sensei

    Definition of roblox mobile

  • Uzair Ahmed
    Uzair Ahmed

    Lego games be like:

  • Weather Report
    Weather Report

    "All I see is chest! G-move! H-*DAYUM*

  • Amith Vignesh
    Amith Vignesh

    This me when playing bully aniversary in phone

  • december frost paindine
    december frost paindine

    That UI tho is sick! It seems like it came from MMORPG game.

  • Semaj Mcgee
    Semaj Mcgee

    Cant stop laughing

  • Ice Arrow
    Ice Arrow

    this is some super mario 64 type shit

  • Colt 1851 Navy Revolver
    Colt 1851 Navy Revolver

    The “power-stone” has no relevance or powers IRL

  • Samuel Bullard
    Samuel Bullard

    Legend of Zelda twilight princess aiming camera in a nutshell

  • Jamiel Cotman
    Jamiel Cotman

    That’s why we need to go back to Nintendo

  • Pofu

    Super Mario galaxy be like

  • Bananas _in_ pyjamas
    Bananas _in_ pyjamas

    I swear this is true

  • Bomberman

    0:10 puppet combo games be like

  • 🌊 Tsunami 🦈
    🌊 Tsunami 🦈

    Basically any 3D Zelda game

  • Yukio

    Dont worry its not the game He is using the nintendo joycons

  • Hyper Stick
    Hyper Stick

    Sonic adventure camera

  • Sully A
    Sully A

    When he said I can't even move my character 🤣🤣🤣

  • JamesUnfound



    He was using motion controls

  • Leviticus Ashley
    Leviticus Ashley

    😤 This brought back bad experiences of some games! This one is right on the money!

  • Acssination

    Dude spoilers, i haven't finished the game yet

  • Wickem

    And then somehow companies like IGN gives it almost a perfect score out of 10.

  • Connor Hill
    Connor Hill

    When I first read the title I immediately thought of Super Mario 64

  • The Lifeline Of Kamurocho
    The Lifeline Of Kamurocho

    yakuza dead souls

  • luke. C
    luke. C


  • cloxaid

    telltale games be li- oh wait nevermind, they already shut down edit: i am stupid, theyre back a couple months ago

    • cloxaid

      @Adam Ryamizard i think so, i saw someone say that pewds unlisted the video about telltale because theyre back

    • Adam Ryamizard
      Adam Ryamizard

      @cloxaid wait, so... They return back to business again?

    • cloxaid

      @Adam Ryamizard they reopened a couple months ago, i am so wrong 😔

    • cloxaid

      @Adam Ryamizard i was wrong about the suing part, sorry

    • Adam Ryamizard
      Adam Ryamizard

      @cloxaid which one, man? Can you send the link, please?

  • Webbyson

    Super Mario 64 be like

  • AverageSpecialist

    Whoever the camera man is, credits to him, it actually looks and feels like a game.

  • Zane does art
    Zane does art

    Litterally any n64 and 3ds game be like:

  • comet arts entertainment
    comet arts entertainment

    the game developers cant be bothered to finish the game so they thought to make the bugs a feature

  • ???

    The amount of detail in a 2-minute video is astonishing

  • Bingusthecatiscool

    those graphics are nice

  • Bryan de Leon
    Bryan de Leon

    stick drift

  • Cactus Septus
    Cactus Septus

    The Simpsons: Hit & Run be like

  • The Almighty Yeet Lord
    The Almighty Yeet Lord

    Everyone talking about prediction but no one is gonna talk about how accurate him turning around at the start of the video is?

  • Supreme Bearface
    Supreme Bearface

    Just pause the game and change the settings Caleb...

  • Monte Jerry
    Monte Jerry

    Early 2000s in a nutshell baby🤣

  • ishDEMON _
    ishDEMON _

    Sponsored by activision🙏😁

  • Lol Gamer God
    Lol Gamer God

    Those ass fixed camers always kills me i hate it

  • Nerissa Alveraz
    Nerissa Alveraz

    I remember Kubz Scouts played a game something like that called “Trevor” something

  • The Nuggy Wuggy
    The Nuggy Wuggy

    You should make a game

  • Dorito Bag
    Dorito Bag

    The only game harder than dark souls..

  • Humble Cosmas
    Humble Cosmas

    The special ability bar is to balabalance the character vision they have wobbly vision sometimes.

  • thefarazbro

    you are the murderer from that alley

  • Austin

    Looking at you Mario 64!

  • 5EyedJedi

    The confusion of the game jumping from cutscene to real time is spot on lol

  • Yousef TheArker
    Yousef TheArker

    School of dragons:

  • Dion johnson
    Dion johnson

    .... He either said- "I COULD HAVE SAVED" or "I COULDN'T SEE"... I dont. know. *which.*

    • Dion johnson
      Dion johnson

      He probably said I couldnt see... But... like--.. still--

  • ElectricPeaPlayz 🌱
    ElectricPeaPlayz 🌱

    0/10 camera didn’t get stuck in the playermodel

  • HunterRyan30

    That’s every third person game when you go inside of a building


    Sonic 06👎👎👎👎

  • The Saucedtimes
    The Saucedtimes


  • The Last Sandwich
    The Last Sandwich

    Oh hey, he's playing a Dark Souls game!

  • OffWorlder

    1:57 the reaction of everyone that bought Cyberpunk 2077

  • Zenix Saxzon
    Zenix Saxzon

    This is literally every 3D game first person shooter I have ever played in my life. Going back 20 years. The only one that was ever any good was GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64. Halo, black ops, Witcher 3 so it doesn't matter because they're all exactly the same game. Mario 64 and even the legend of Zelda's are the same now. Sad when they ruined gaming

  • DogInDaPic

    If the guy who filmed school fights creates a videogame

  • Monster Juiced
    Monster Juiced

    I haven't laughed this hard in so long. Immediately thought of Sekiro here

  • Zaid Qureshi
    Zaid Qureshi

    He predicted Cyberpunk 2077 back then

  • venomevox2

    Kingdom Hearts 1 PS2 camera

  • Force Palm
    Force Palm

    i will forever be lost trying to find his background music at the beginning of the video

    • ???

      It's in the description

  • realclassgamer

    How do you lose to a guy that has boxing gloves and you have a sword (it doesn't add up)

  • realclassgamer

    I HATE when games do this

  • Stormcutter 59
    Stormcutter 59

    We need a backstory on the origin of those boxing gloves bro

  • TheBlackSaiyanRahim13

    YBA in a nutshell.

  • Andrew Hernandez
    Andrew Hernandez

    Definition of Super Mario 64

  • Eric Cartman982
    Eric Cartman982

    Magic boxing gloves fuck wth camera

  • PlazmaPug87

    This just made me think of the entirety of the SuperMega Super Monkey Ball play through.

  • Mario Alian
    Mario Alian

    The most trash game in the world

  • MastaGambit


  • Leikeize

    1:24 that was smooth ngl

  • Rey Mysterio fan
    Rey Mysterio fan

    Ea in a nutshell

  • _titan

    “I PAIDDD FOR THISSSS” is this ain’t the damn truth bruh

  • KM11 killer
    KM11 killer

    This is why you don't do pre-orders

  • Nova_Games

    Somehow even in big games made by well known companies I find a way to mess up the camera at the worst possible moment

  • GalacticCow

    That thumbnail

  • Daniel DSouza
    Daniel DSouza

    Me playing super mario 64

  • TW-DogeCicle

    Flashbacks of Mario 64

  • Quick

    Everybody gangsta until inverted camera controls are on by default

  • Chokra ψ
    Chokra ψ

    They way the camera just went⬆️⬇️➡️⤵️↘️↙️↗️↖️↔️↩️↕️⤴️🔃🔂🔀🔀🔃🔄🔁⤴️↪️ really hit me

  • SullyWest Boi
    SullyWest Boi

    1:58 everyone after buying Cyberpunk 2077

  • Diamond Dealer
    Diamond Dealer

    Godzilla generations in a nutshell

  • burning Kabutops
    burning Kabutops


  • Luna's World
    Luna's World


  • Jalen

    Assassins creed unity

  • Yuki

    "Its no use!!!"

  • oof oof
    oof oof

    Imagine looking out your window in the middle of the night to see some grown man spinning around in circles with a camera

  • Yoda I am
    Yoda I am

    The old god of war camera be like

  • vinicius aguiar
    vinicius aguiar

    Funniest shit ever

  • Spurdo Spärde
    Spurdo Spärde

    playing super mario 64 like

  • Jäger

    Nier Automata be like

  • Killtryray

    little nightmares

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    This is 100% my favourite skit.

  • put this glowstick up your ass
    put this glowstick up your ass

    Genshin impact rn

  • rockabillly88

    Rust on console throwing you to the wolves and no tutorial.

  • PyramidHead


  • Abdul Wahid Ahsan
    Abdul Wahid Ahsan

    This game is like cough cough sonic 06 cough