Getting caught in a stealth game.
Literally EVERYONE starts catching you.

Tidiane - Melodic
Oddwin - 19

  • A.A.M

    1:35 i don't understand this part

  • YB Goonly
    YB Goonly

    1:33 this reminds me exactly of the video “Your thoughts create your reality but you already knew that”😂

  • runDVrun !
    runDVrun !

    Assassin's Creed origins in a nutshell😂

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    I thought Caleb would have played the baby, but he got a stunt double.

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    My early gamer experiences playing Hitman 🤣😭🤣😭🤣 the bystanders are always the most suspicious

  • that guy
    that guy

    Hitman 2 silent assasin

  • Gladys Mba
    Gladys Mba

    This is the Black mirror Crocodile episode

  • KVzvV1517

    game: Stealth Mission. me being trash at stealth: N O W I T N E S S E S game 1 minute into the mission: FAILURE me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*deletes game*

  • Okamidude

    Boss hit a child?

  • DarVIDA

    What’s the title of the stealth music please ?

  • K.C Animations
    K.C Animations

    reminds me of hitman

  • Frenchfries Frenchfries

    0:43 “WAAT” I can’t 😂😂😂

  • Ramso Ali
    Ramso Ali

    I love how he gets folded when he dies 🤣

  • Kanada Dry
    Kanada Dry

    my memories of splinter cell are coming back to me

  • Solomon Cyress
    Solomon Cyress

    why did he hit the baby twice, by the first one he stopped crying

  • L0g1c_b0mb

    Nah in reality the entire mission is compromised because 1 low level guard saw you and for some reason you cant just kill him and move on.

  • Full Tryhard
    Full Tryhard

    I'm so dead at the way these people are hitting the ground XD

  • Supersaurus

    0:43 WAAP

  • Zoofy Zoof
    Zoofy Zoof

    And then there are those types of stealth missions where you instantly fail if someone sees you and you have to spend a half hour at the minimum learning every NPC's walk and look cycle.

  • BlueGrams

    why do all the guards fall so weird HAHAHA

  • RAGING samuri god
    RAGING samuri god


  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe

    i seriously NEED to see how this ends

  • Vunilla

    I was honestly expecting the baby to go “HELLLLLLLP SOOMEBODDDYYY HEEELLLLLLP” in the normal Caleb voice

    • Dana Harris
      Dana Harris


  • きらびやかなピエロDea D
    きらびやかなピエロDea D

    Still looking for the background song music when he's sneaking

  • Drey Marco
    Drey Marco

    Bro like I’m literally crying this shit is too funny

  • Drey Marco
    Drey Marco

    You forgot the pagers!!!




    Basically that one mission In Spider-Man ps4

  • By the Sword
    By the Sword

    1:42 oh hell nah

  • Ridiculous

    "The mission is simple 47 fold them mf's." -Hitman Probably

  • red

    “Boss, you killed a child…?” “Amazing. Mission complete.” “That right there is why you’re the best, Boss.”


    Punch the baby said the game

  • apprentice_jayyy

    🤣🤣When he double tapped the baby I lost it🤣🤣.

  • Masen Lugo
    Masen Lugo

    Doing the stealth section in gta heists

  • Cory L
    Cory L

    mission failed fisher !!

  • fukuweebsnfurries animeistrash
    fukuweebsnfurries animeistrash

    it was a good video

  • Giovanni Gonzalez
    Giovanni Gonzalez

    Lmfao back room full of calebs clones bodies ...and a baby 😭😭

  • Taylor Kid
    Taylor Kid

    He really just beat that child, holy sh**

  • RUSO !
    RUSO !

    1:10 seconds is the gta fall in Franklin mansion 😂😂😂

  • Krispy Mane
    Krispy Mane

    Bro your fall sequences is soo accurate…Hitman be having me crying😂😂

  • FilthyTry Me
    FilthyTry Me

    I died when I saw the baby

  • Kamron Adams
    Kamron Adams

    It's simple to be stealthy just kill everyone 😂😂

  • jabril adan
    jabril adan

    Hitman ps4 game be like:

  • R

    The death animations were next level omg 😭

  • Lord Aragon
    Lord Aragon

    Ah yes, playing hitman and choosing the shotgun to put holes in everyone I come across. My favorite part of the game

  • IamKen

    I love the sounds when he punches someone “gwahh” “ahh”

  • Gorilla Steven
    Gorilla Steven

    ‘Boss you killed a child’

  • Angelo Lamothe
    Angelo Lamothe

    dont look at me caleb u better put that baby back to sleep

  • Ninjalol64

    Payday 2 moment

  • Barb Wire
    Barb Wire

    Yoooooo im dying laughin bro

  • Furry Hunter007
    Furry Hunter007

    This is just GTA5

  • Nexus

    This is ANY Hitman game In a nutshell

  • harrison johnson
    harrison johnson

    This is literally every hitman level😂😂

  • Karl BADOU
    Karl BADOU

    just realized caleb kinda buff

  • ok 237
    ok 237


  • Akskajd

    As a wise man once said, “it’s still stealth if there are no witnesses alive”

  • Keye Lee
    Keye Lee

    ah yes. KILL THE BABY

  • kauan

    Entry Point in a nutshell

  • David Rosa
    David Rosa

    The guy who said DUCK was the funniest

  • 10x Roblox
    10x Roblox


  • Felix Mitchell
    Felix Mitchell

    Lovin' them Ragdolls!!!!!!

  • Cam'ron

    Someone played Hitman 2....

  • Diquail Simpson
    Diquail Simpson


  • MarioFiggy

    This had me laughing so hard I woke my two year old son up. Yo salute this dude make gems every video

  • not tway
    not tway

    Press X to put the baby to sleep 👊🤫🤫

  • Dom Torreto
    Dom Torreto

    When he said wap then slid i felt that

  • Asher Ernst
    Asher Ernst

    Why didn’t he vent?

  • Niko bellic
    Niko bellic

    the hitman series in a nutshell

  • Sirnicolas 205
    Sirnicolas 205

    You forgot the part where the combat is ass so you just instantly die.

  • Joon - young
    Joon - young

    ngl l have played games like this haha

  • Mr Noodles
    Mr Noodles

    This how it be tho

  • Best P KSA
    Best P KSA

    typical hitman player: Hiding all the dead bodies in the same room

  • D.

    Metal gear solid😭

  • yeetxnx12savage

    Did you punch a baby why the f*** would you do that. Lol

  • TNG Kid
    TNG Kid

    This is a Hitman reference

  • AmIGood?

    The baby is the first character that isn’t caleb

  • Digishade

    As a real-life Security Guard, this scares the shit out of me. 😅

  • David Benjamin
    David Benjamin

    He playing hitman

  • Otis Harmer
    Otis Harmer

    Yep this be hitman

  • Ralsei boi B
    Ralsei boi B

    0:23 “Eat Pwah”

  • xweert711

    2:07 MGS V when Big Boss shoots a child

  • Darren39ishan

    ah yes when the stealth games turns into massacre

  • Chris Spedling
    Chris Spedling

    Those deaths were legit

  • Sceptre lewis
    Sceptre lewis

    The hello dude killed about accurate af😂😂😂

  • Shonni b
    Shonni b

    F*********k forever laughing at the sounds made when they die. He didn't know what to do.

  • gaynotfound

    Me trying to break nokia 1:08

  • GuardianStriker

    0:24 *BLAH!*

  • Anthony Pratcher
    Anthony Pratcher

    literally rdr2 in a nutshell:

  • mr lemon
    mr lemon

    Perfect portrayal of a gta heist but he baby was random lol

  • GhostSh33p

    0:01 beta go brrrrrrrrr

  • Steve Milr
    Steve Milr


  • that_boy_ Johnny
    that_boy_ Johnny

    When you see a wasp 1:35

  • Yen Kurisu
    Yen Kurisu

    1:33 theres no such thing as coincidence

    • Yoshikage Kira
      Yoshikage Kira


  • Christopher Winton
    Christopher Winton

    Im getting strong hitman 3 vibes lmao

  • Joshua Shakir
    Joshua Shakir

    bruh I love how Caleb is having a conversation with a video game narrator in the end

  • gunA.A.A

    How does he make the punch sounds

  • Deus Sims
    Deus Sims

    I sadly would’ve punched the baby too 😂😆🤣


    0:23 *BEEP!*

  • Kevin Umba
    Kevin Umba

    Does anybody else loves his death screams ? Like the sound he makes when he gets punched and stuff lol

  • you good bro ?
    you good bro ?

    Bro you need to Crouch