Anime characters that turn EVERYTHING into a motivational speech.

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    Youtooz link

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      A Random Individual

      Caleb, is your voice okay after this video?

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      @Fem goo goo gaga

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      London Webster

      Seem like some *my hero* junk

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    Sebastian Calvey

    That 4th Wall Break Where You Let Us Know that There's bouta be One more Deadbody in Za Worldo

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    MysticMoves 2

    Nobody’s talking about how at the end of the video he looks at the camera in annoyance.


    Where your friend is drunk and you help him xD

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    Shouting _solo

    Bro he ranting in the couch like midoria XD

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    *cough, cough* Deku.

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    Wxken Jxmie

    "Your exceptional!!!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH"

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    Honestly I disliked the vid just to make it even but I liked the other vids tho and I loved the vid btw

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      Sniping Sniper

      Take it back, it's uneven

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    Account lol

    You know some people are like this

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    Midoriya all day 🤣

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    This man captured the Yugi moto voice perfectly

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    Nathalie Ina Roa

    how i react to positive reaction

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    Hireath Namus

    Man he deserves 10 million subscribers.

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    Demontae Turner

    You didn't have to come at Rock Lee like that Caleb😂

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    Jimmy R

    This is why I stopped watching Naruto.

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    The Vibe Spot

    This sounds like My Hero Academia

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    I love the way hey covers his face with the hat instead of their hair genius.

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    Matthias Hopkins

    Isnt this EVERY anime character?

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    A Random Individual

    Bakugo and Izuku’s relationship in a nutshell:

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    mha basically

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    1:32 DAM SHUT UP YO

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    Bruh this just armin

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    Stelq Sucks

    Naruto a d Deku be like:

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    Ramen Face

    Erwin from attack on titan.

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    Danette Trimboli

    Fruits basket.

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    this is me everyday

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    CD gaming

    This dude funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    omg 1:50 had me laughing so hard🤣

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    The last one made me cry laughing 😂

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    I swear to god this is one of my ex-friends. That’s why he’s my *ex-friend*

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    Samuel Penate sosa

    Izuku midorya

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    i have a friend just like this and it hurts

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    Vern Lowman


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    Mateus SFC

    My man just resumed naruto in one skit

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    Spurdo Spärde

    2:22 caleb got so fed up with his shit that he broke the fourth wall

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    Nate Bait

    the true keys were the friends we made along the way

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    Pressa J

    Whenever someone took Naruto to get some ramen

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    StarKnight 54

    1:17 - 1:21 huh? Has this man played an online game in his life?

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    Boku No Freelo

    Gon and naruto be like

  • Sin :
    Sin :

    MHA be like

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    The Great Waffle

    This is Rock lee 🤨

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    Flustered Filo

    I love how at the end he just stares at the camera saying "You see what I have to go through with this man?"

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    I want you to know that your channel is inspirational I'm sorry for not finding you sooner or subscribing the second that I noticed your greatness! I want to be like you one day never give up never stop uploading never stop providing content that connects with your fans!!!! *Tilts hat and screams* believe in yourself because we believe in you!!!!!!! Believe it!!!! *thumbs up*

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    Hyung kook3

    When he went "AHHH" in response hit different

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    One Punch Man be like:

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    When you gotta be your own best friend.

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    Nicholas Pratt

    Getting major My Hero vibes XD

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    I just watched all of naruto in less then 5 mins

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    Sylver Xeonic

    You really exposing Naruto like that?

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    I loooved this vid

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    Ty Lung


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    Reminds me of specs from Haikyu…

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    My brother suckered me into seeing that Demon Slayer movie and this was literally the entire movie...

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    En E. Day

    THANK YOU! for this video.

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    Antagonist: *says anything slightly negative about his crewmate* Monkey D. Luffy:

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    Rockin 100 thieves merch

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    Same I hate naruto

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    Brother Musician

    I don't find this annoying. I would pay for someone calling me exceptional.

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    Jayson Rosier

    One punch man geno

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    Stupid Hatter

    I mean if I had that friend I would be very annoyed but at the same time maybe my self-esteem would be a little higher

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    2:37 sauce for the song? 👀

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    This is that blonde kid from Attack on Titan

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    MHA in 3 minutes

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    3 a clock :I

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    LMFAO literally everytime



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    Master Kenobi

    No one ever in online gaming: YOUREE NOTTT TRASHHHH!!! YOURE NOTTT TRASSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Bro 😂😂😂😂😂

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    *rock lee from naruto be like*


    0:26 His face after he said thank you a second time got me lmao

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    King Chewy

    Did nobody else think his socks were actually his feet?

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    Levi Gilbey

    I died lol

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    Realistically this would all be happening in their head, so I'll would just be sitting in silence for 10 minutes

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    “ima get something to eat” _”like eating away the lies that you tell yourself, hiding from the real world-“_ “we doing this again?”

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    This gives me deku vibes

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    It’s your boy CJ

    Mans summoned rock lee in 3 minutes

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    Giovanni Cocco

    You forget to put "You've done so much to me that I don't know how to repay you" or something like that

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    Fail or Rise

    Eren from Attack on Titan season 1 smh what a dumbass

  • Cindy Nguyen
    Cindy Nguyen

    MHA every episode when deku says ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGG after a fight or in a fight:

    • Cindy Nguyen
      Cindy Nguyen

      Wait wait wait….. Izuku’s 1st words: “I WILL BECOME THE NUMBER ONE HERO! THANK YOU ALLMIGHT” bitch stfu you say this every episode

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    Happy ϟ

    I just laughed the whole video

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    This is just Mako Mankanshoku from Kill La Kill in a nutshell lmao

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    Talk no jutsu

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    0:26 he will be stanly's twin from the office when he gets older.

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    Levi Croker

    Midoriya in a nutshell

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    Baryon Squad

    Talk no Jutsu!

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      Baryon Squad

      That’s what thought when I saw the title lol

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    Fred Bear the evil dummy

    anime guy: AHHHHHHHHH Caleb: ಠ_ಠ


    This gives of Tanjiro vibes-

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    Hashtag Boi

    Eren Yeager pre season 4 be like:

  • Spaghetti Mouth vlogs
    Spaghetti Mouth vlogs

    Perfectly cut scream: 1:49

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    KO Danbro


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    That look into the camera finished me

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    Floyd's K9


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    Driam Hane

    Even the shots are accurate

  • D YellowMadness
    D YellowMadness

    One Piece had a scene that tried to do that for padding but they didn't bother to write dialogue so the whole crew just grinned at a little girl for several seconds while she cried because her mom was about to be murdered. One of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

  • zounderkite

    am i the only person that lowkey felt bad for the anime character bc.. hes out there puttin so much effort into his speeches and what does he get

  • Psychop omp
    Psychop omp

    key reason i like one piece more than other anime

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    Khalid Alamin

    From personal experience..... he's having a seizure at that last part

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    this is too accurate

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    o_o when he checked the clock it was exactly this time when I was watching ~bass drop

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    Jassimca2 Xd

    1:38 he crying?