How anime Senseis teach ANYONE that isn’t the main character.
Anime Senseis teaching anybody that doesn't have plot armor.

Melodic - King Kaiyo
19 - Oddwin

  • Dr Manhattan
    Dr Manhattan

    Literally nobody is talking about how this man just poured water on himself??

  • Abyss Reader
    Abyss Reader

    Imagine this dude the very important side character that was supposed to save the Mac. And the sensei just hospitalized or kill the man.

    • Abyss Reader
      Abyss Reader

      I don’t know why I keep rewatching these videos

  • 1XokidXo1

    Master avacodoxDDD

  • Dwag


  • Lucas

    I pray whoever sees this that god blesses you and loves you and your family

  • Dylan Richards
    Dylan Richards

    Summed up demon slayer

  • Damola Fashina
    Damola Fashina

    How did he pour water on himself?🤣

  • Garnetto

    Then he’ll get angry at the main character for taking the spotlight off of him and become the main villain or a temporary side villain who joins his side

  • Clottingham

    damn why you gotta tug on my heart strings like that tho

  • StationVGames

    Imagine getting screentime for only a few seconds and then dies at that 1 episode...

  • random guy
    random guy

    If this is going to be an anime series the title would be: "I accidentally killed my student, so I embarked on a journey to bring him back to life."



  • Bozmund Os
    Bozmund Os

    Dude moves at light speed and expects the rookie to take it... even if it was a handchop too 🤔

  • Thanos

    wait I just realized the sword in "RPG Game Logic" was crafter by Master Avocado. Caleb lore ??

  • Steven Green
    Steven Green

    Dragonborn: Damn...glad the grey beards can just transmit the knowledge to my soul. 😛

  • gunA.A.A


  • XCAL 345
    XCAL 345

    Sad.. he didn't have the power of friendship

  • Lord TRex
    Lord TRex

    and that is how most Main Character need so many lives of reborn over again 😆

  • Don the god modder orphanslayer
    Don the god modder orphanslayer

    When you fuck verything up without even getting information on what you're supposed to do.

  • Artemis Knight
    Artemis Knight

    the master on the phone, the same master mentioned in the RPG Game Logic video

  • XWanoYT

    Master Arvacado, the strongest anime character

  • Kai J
    Kai J

    Master avocado’s gonna kick your ass

  • The Real Joker
    The Real Joker

    That's the third student this week!

  • Zach Sterner
    Zach Sterner

    do a pt2 where instead of this he treats the friend super nice or just gives him an item or like 1 piece of advice that brings his to main character level

  • Flanky

    Wanna see part 2 lmao

  • Bryce House
    Bryce House

    “Actually I decided to outsource his training to king kai”

  • Caponeson1

    Wait....... Who poured the water in him?

  • Leonardo Da Cambridge
    Leonardo Da Cambridge

    kinda true tho, ngl

  • cry me a river
    cry me a river

    we need a follow up episode where master avocado makes it his life mission to seek vengeance

  • Husky Bros
    Husky Bros

    To this day I’m wondering what he wanted to show him… was it how to move light speed that would make him end up fighting the best samurai in the world and end up killing the guy that was here for the interview

  • Rubix Psyche
    Rubix Psyche

    This why all the fuckin senseis be dieing left right and center

  • Blixky

    he should have made the grandpa say he is going to die soon and wants to see his grandson turn into a good fighter before he dies

  • Master_Of_The_Sand

    He isnt dead dont worry, his battery ran out, he will be fine when you put him on the charger(hospital)

  • Paze Infinite
    Paze Infinite

    So this is why he brought back that sword forged by Master Avocado back to the weapons shop in pristine condition

  • Mugiwara-ya

    Sensei got an iPhone.

  • Maayan384

    1:06 yo who spilled dat water ?

  • Letl Yashi
    Letl Yashi

    plot twist this man is the janitor and the grandson is the detective

  • Random Gamez
    Random Gamez

    I don't remember the scene where Master Roshi killed Krillen.

  • Hm?! Who goes there?!
    Hm?! Who goes there?!

    I legit thought he was gonna came back to life smack the sensei and say: “rule number one... never let your guard down.. even if you are with allies..”

  • Trevor


  • Khaos The Great
    Khaos The Great

    Bruh if Anime gonna be like this their shouldn’t be any side characters

  • DarthSilliest

    Plot twist: that was a random student and the grandson hadnt arrived yet.

  • TheSnakeSage

    the sensei acts like he hit his sibling too hard

  • kiwwa

    i wanna see master arvracado go all out one day

  • Stiekemwelmijnaccount

    I expected him to wake up randomly, hit the trainer and then say: "you should never let your guard down"

  • NAME 30
    NAME 30

    "and that kids is how i became a villain."

  • Ethan Asante
    Ethan Asante

    Where does he get the katanas

    • Aniblast

      they sell them at every anime convention I'm ever been to

    • Vailix

      At a store?

  • Enchanter110

    Plot Twist: He isn't acting.

  • Kobejah Bridgewater
    Kobejah Bridgewater

    Am I the only one confused didn't this video come out 2 months ago, how tf its been nearly a year?

  • Dinzie

    his vital organsssss, his vital organssssssssssssss

  • leviathan

    what’s the background music called?

  • Monke

    You forgot the part where he said: "He's so talented- I can't imagine what he could do in the future-" Then the MC came and " *BUT DAYM THIS MC IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL. LIKE A LITERAL GOD- MAYBE HE COULD SAVE THE FKING WORLD* " then the sidechar became a villain out of envy, and the last battle is between both of his students that finally they become best friends and the world is saved.

  • clear

    is it just me or is he speaking like john wick on that phone call

  • Eatingsundew499

    This Wing and Zushi right here

  • Mimi Look
    Mimi Look

    The main character: *studies for one day and knows everything* The rest of the team: *studies for 10 years and still can't be half as good as the main character*

  • xavierleo

    “Damn, I thought he had plot armor…”

  • morty

    1:18 ahh man nooo, not again..

  • CamoFlash7

    Master Arvacano (or however you spell it) is the same one from CalebCity's video RPG Game Logic I think?

  • Vh Mouton
    Vh Mouton

    Bruh probably thinking danm not agin

  • pat2frosty

    Who poured the water

  • Alexander Kurzeja
    Alexander Kurzeja

    Plot twist: he was faking the whole time and attacks him and tells him to not let his guard down

  • Kriger

    ever seen Dragon Prince? you sound like the king

  • Jonah Martinez
    Jonah Martinez

    That's me when I get in a fight with siblings bro

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde

    This is what happens when you're sensei is not an unknown old man living in some secluded outhouse

  • PR0P3R PL4Y3R
    PR0P3R PL4Y3R

    Give this man an award

  • Christian Dior
    Christian Dior

    Never let ya guard down even when surrounded by only allies ..... This nigga spitting

  • 🎶ReallyRaynell🎶

    The sensei that called was The master of the blade on the wall in the weapon shop of RPG skit. I like how he really has characters who really have history with one another .

  • francoise burell
    francoise burell

    Sensei:I am master of all elements and power I am a god!! Sensei:*teaches a person and just blast him away* Sensei:now you must trai- Main character:*unlocks a secret ultimate power and goes sicko mode*

  • Demon Sin
    Demon Sin


  • Akasuna no Sasori
    Akasuna no Sasori

    He must feel good about that one shot tho..

  • I don’t get jokes
    I don’t get jokes

    This is the students villain backstory

  • Duck_ Buckets
    Duck_ Buckets

    Sensei:how u die i did that soft. Person: thats hard not soft.....

  • Play_for_time

    do a part 2 when the extra comes back for revenge

  • Jarvis Quatae
    Jarvis Quatae

    Where can I buy those swords?

  • Jeremia-E. Pindra
    Jeremia-E. Pindra

    Maybe this is a main character plot. He is so useless and he will be reincarnated with the same body in the same dimension for a weird reason that will be explained in some couple of seasons and then after he reincarnated he got a powerful spirit, because this is related to his soul before his life. He was before a legendary idk what. Cool plot

  • JrRose

    Go easy on him

  • Admin Time
    Admin Time

    This is so true

  • JadedOne420

    **i don't want you to hospitalize him** *_boi is literally ded_* 😂💀

  • Shard

    Then the student goes for an attack and says: "never let your guard down"

  • Andrew Zbinden
    Andrew Zbinden

    Damn, someone gather the dragonballs...this man is even got the dead Yamcha pose going on. RIP

  • 24kRuss

    When you hit your little brother to hard

  • I Hateme
    I Hateme

    U forgot only MCs have plot armor and that's the only reason they don't die from training.

  • TheTardis

    If he was the MC he'd have waited for the sensei to check if hes okay and strike him while saying "never let your guard down" or some shit

  • Shrek ze bee
    Shrek ze bee

    What about that one character who knows only one skill but that skill is ridiculously powerful

  • Warren Lucky
    Warren Lucky

    I came back to watch this vid and why did this remind me of the prime series "Invincible" lol

  • JBF

    Literally everytime I hit my little bro

  • Aman Pathak
    Aman Pathak

    Might guy was on the call

  • TurdiuoLyric

    1:12 making this my alarm to get up in the morning

    • leviathan

      do you know the name of it?

  • Xo_Kiwi-mochi_oX

    "Master Avocado" I- 💀

  • Awakened lilbeasty
    Awakened lilbeasty

    When he didin't get up that killed me

  • Bruh Moments
    Bruh Moments

    It's grandfathers fault he just making this more painful and complicated

  • Tend Erizer
    Tend Erizer

    Oh my God, whatever your name is, you are gorgeous!!! 😨

  • Iori

    That laugh bruh 😂😂😂

  • Darnell Jones
    Darnell Jones

    This looks like Yamcha. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • श्रीकान्त सिद्धान्त
    श्रीकान्त सिद्धान्त

    0:34 Poor fellow just wanted to learn

  • memesipad ΔΔΔ
    memesipad ΔΔΔ


  • Elva San
    Elva San

    And that's the last time he'll ever hear him say it once. 0:01

  • snaukball

    The good ending: that wasn't the MC's grandson, just some other new student.

  • Shaquille Dudley
    Shaquille Dudley

    This is extremely accurate lol

  • Cakey Cake
    Cakey Cake

    random kid: *get pushed slightly same kid: *dies me: wat